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Holiday Sun Protection Favourites

You may know I just got back from my holiday in sunny Spain just last week.
Let me tell you, reality kicks straight back in! haha

But my weeks break in the sun really was what I needed, just to clear my head, relax and think about NOTHING! Yes we all need it.
I knew I needed that break just before wedding season really kicks in at the end of May!

I thought the perfect post to kick start back into May for you all was my 'Holiday Sun Protection Favourite' 
To be quite honest we all just go to our closest Boots store and grab our usual sun protection from 8-50+ but we don't really think about the other factors of what a suncream really does for our skin for every minute of that sun exposure.
Yes protection in NUMBER 1 on the list to why we need this but this year I decided to really put more focus into what I wanted from my tan and the feel of my skin.

Have you heard of this sun care brand?
'Prepare, protect and prolong your tan, with or without the sun' 
Doesn't that sound too good to be true!

Well my first usage of this was a face cream which I purchased for my holidays last year as I don't like using the same cream for my face and body just due to the ingredients in a body cream is very different to one focused for the face only.
I used to break out horribly from these body creams on my face, and a mix of sweat of course.
So i brought Lancaster Face Protection learning from my beauty experience that this brand is focussed on - 
- Overall Sun Protection 
- Gaining a sun kissed, healthy, even tan by helping release the melanin to a higher surface of the skin
- UVA (Prevention of lines and wrinkles - A is for Ageing)
- UVB (Prevention to burning rays - B is for Burning)
- Infrared Technology (Goes deeper than UVA & UVB as it helps keep the skins firmness and elasticity - which is proven that to much sun exposure makes skin feel and appear loose as time goes on)

I have literally never found a brand with such beneficial factors, so I knew I needed to experiment with more!
I want to explain to you what factor i used and how the products felt on my skin throughout my holiday.

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
Velvet Touch Cream - Radiant Tan for the Face 
SPF 30
From using this cream last year it never failed me a second time around! 
In fact I hadn't brought a new tube this was purely half full from last year so I may as well use it again.
For a SPF 30 this face cream is not as thick as you may expect, as soon as its applied and worked into the skin it soon sinks in leaving a smooth, non-sticky finish.
This product is a silky texture which glides on and thoroughly protects this skin as I have not had any Burning issues when using this face protector as I used to always seem to burn my forehead where I pull my hair up out of the face and a popular nose burn like lots of people seem to get. 
Which does not look nice with ANY makeup over the top!! haha

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
Melting Tanning Milk 
SPF 15 
Now this one was a new-be, I have never used a Lancaster body cream before now and let me just say, i will NEVER by any other!
My skin was constantly smooth, silky and baby soft throughout my whole holiday!
Usually i can get quite dry with the sun drying out on my legs and elbows always seem to harden up when i go away, but using this beauty my skin contained so much moisture and hydration it makes me want to wear its everyday!
Infact I really am tempted to moisturise in this haha! 

The texture was finer than the face cream but thick enough to feel protected and moisturised.
I had the 400ml bottle just because it was a better price than buying a small one, when i know I'm going on holiday again in a few months so i knew it would last me.
I would say i used around 100ml so I have plenty left and proves i didnt need to use so much.
I on average applied suncream over my whole body 3x in a day.
Which really may be recommend 3-4 time a day to keep the highest protection, but I sure am a sun goddess, and was soaking it up every minute of the day.
And again i didnt burn ANYWHERE in the whole week i was there!!!
I would highly recommend this amazing sun cream to anyone going away.

Lancaster Sun Beauty 
After Sun Tan Maximiser 
For Face and Body

This product I have brought for the past year every time I've been a way.
After a shower in the evening there is nothing worse than no aftersun and leaving your body to feel dry and dehydrated so of course I purchased a new bottle of this as I really did want to buy all the products so that I could reap the benefits of this brand.
Yes it worked!
I came home with a lovely warm, sun kissed tan with my healthy yellow undertones leaving my skin nicely tanned and even.
This product is described to be used after sun exposure and when you get back from your holidays to pro-long  your sun tan and keep it long lasting even when back in rainy england.
I think I read or heard around a month of prolonged tan when sticking to using it, so I'm still applying this after every shower.

The aftersun, is a lightweight texture so it does not feel thick when you apply or after it has soaked in which can be a hit or miss for some people depending on what they prefer.
I actually really like it as i do love apply body oils on my skin throughout the week so they really went hand in hand.
One thing i will say is the smell of this product is quite a sting, prominent, musky smell in my opinion but once it has soaked into the skin the smell does fade, so you can easily apply fragrance over.

But again I have always seen a difference with my tan and how long it lasts when using this is the past.
Im just hoping it will be even better now i used the suncream with it on my holidays too.

Last but not least

Ok so this one does not contain any SPF but i grabbed this last minute for my packing as my lips were so dry and chapped before i went away and I do love a lip balm or crayon around the pool in the day to keep them moisturised.
I absolublty LOVED this lip wax, it was honey and peppermint, which was so refreshing and my lips became smooth and hydrated through the holiday.  Im still using this now, although i do love a good lipstick everyday back at home but it still works under or over any lip colour.
You can also get this in different types such as Coconut, Pomegranate, Strawberry and many more.

Have you tried any of these products on your holidays?
Or are you now curious to try these products yourself?

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on 'May Holidays Favourite Makeup Products'

Love Sophie x

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