Friday, 26 May 2017

May Holiday Makeup Bag

Ive told you my Sun Protection collection, now I'm sure your more interested in my key goodies which I took to Mallorca with me.

Lets call it my 'Spring Face'
Cause I have my August holiday to come, and I'm sure i will have a change of products for this holiday!

I could sit and write up the whole makeup bag I took with me but to be quite honest I hardly used any of it, I wanted to create makeup looks every night like i usually do but my body and mind was constantly screaming REST WOMAN!
My job is my hobby and I don't feel like I 'work' its just all fun and games in the makeup world (apart from the paperwork) but this holiday was a total lazy week which I took over advantage of.
4 books read, yes 4!!

So makeup looks didnt really happen but 6 key products were sure used every night!
Here they are…

MAC Strobe Liquid
I seem to always grab this little beauty and decant it into a pot as you really don't need much.
As your skin does tend to get dry on holidays from the sun my strobe liquid just perks up my skin and gives a lovely glow under any other product that I apply to my skin.
The iridescent dimension sits perfectly on any toned skin, although MAC has now brought out multiple shades of the strobe liquid with colour correctors in, so you have plenty of choice.

Guerlain BB+ Hyrda 
I was adamant that I was NOT wearing foundation on holiday! I always am to be fair, although sometimes i only wear it to even my skin tone out. I dug this out of my kit, knowing that this has always been to dark from me from when i got given this product when i worked for guerlain I could never make the most of the luxurious BB cream on my own skin. So my eyes lit up when I knew I was getting some sun exposure.
This BB cream has the most amazing hydrating ingredients in, nourishing your skin with natural water which is made to make your skin absorb every drop! It really does, anyone with dry skin, you need this in your life.
I also love the finish of this as it keeps your skin looking and feeling moisturised for the whole duration of using this products.

Nars 'Laguna' Bronzer
There is a few forms of this no.1 selling bronzer, compact powder and liquid are the ones I own in my personal and work kit depending on your skin type or what finish you are wanting.
I knew that I was using my moisturising BB cream so I decided to take the pressed powder with me to take away any unwanted shine and also use as my contouring.
I love how this bronzer is matte enough with a natural, complimenting shimmer on the face and its the perfect shade for all skin tones, you honestly can't go wrong!

Nars 'Copacabana' Multiple Stick
Again I own a few of these stick, they have so many shades for all different purpososes. With 'Copocabana' I use this more as a highlighter and to bring out any high points on my face such as cupids bow, cheekbones and brow bones. This shade really is mid way for all yellow and pink undertones skin, and there really isn't many highlighters that can be used on both.
The glow this gives is just POPPING! You can use it from the stick or tap onto the areas and build up in your own pace.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
I use this EVERYDAY, from snow to sun this concealer will be under my eyes!
It it literally crease free and doesn't set with a powdered finish which I hate in many concealers but it gives the maximum coverage under the eyes to make your look so awake and alert.
I always go 2 shades lighter in my concealers which I have the shade 'Vanilla'

YSL Kiss and Blush 
And finally a great multi purpose product from YSL which i used on my cheeks and lips.
This creamy, satin texture is so luxurious on the skin and lips and really keeps the application looking smooth and even.
Cream blushes are my go to on holidays and in summer as it just gives my that summer feel knowing that my skin will just look smooth and products glide on like a breeze, especially on the cheeks, you don't want that build up in one area of powdered pigment thats decided to hold in one area and wear off of the rest.
This product again comes in various shades, I chose shade 07 as i wanted that peachy undertone and coral effect with my chosen makeup looks this holiday.
I did of course take other lipsticks so I could mix my outfits up but a coral lip in Spring/Summer will never date.
It shouts 'Summer Time' don't you think ;)

Theres my top 6 products for my spring holiday face.
Have you tried any of these?
Are any other my products on your 'summer makeup list'?

and finally, the only thing i haven't spoke about is my Holiday Skincare Routine, comment below or let me know if you would like to see this on the blog next week.

Love Sophie xxx


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