Thursday, 19 September 2013

Make-up Trends Autumn/Winter 2013

My favourite time of the year for big trends, think after a while I start to get sick of my summer wardrobe as the fashion is 10x better in winter. I've always preferred my big coats over frilly dresses, but back to make-up everything goes more daring in the winter as your not always sweating your foundation off, haha - nice ay!

The big trends this season are;

Cat Eyes - All about the flicked liner. I suppose I constantly wear this look throughout the year anyway as it gives a great shape to anyone's eyes, but for this season you can go as thick, thin, long or short at anytime of day even bring in a bit of colour for a twist.

Copper Shadow - Well this would be the least of colours I would expect to hit the big trends as its a colour that can go all wrong if your don't get the correct shade, as it can make eyes look a little sore, but after trying it on myself I LOVED the overall look it gave as it was different to what I usually go for. Be daring and smudge it all around the eyes then you will be hot on trend!

Red/Purple/Wine Stained Lips - A bold Red or Wine lip looks great on anyone, its the colour of autumn, definitely my go too colour as winter approaches. Either use a matte lipstick or dab it on with your fingers to give a stained effect which is the way everyone did it on the catwalks.

Smudged Eyes - Black, Grey, Charcoal colours for this seasons 'smudged' trend are the colours to use. MAC went for the grungy/rebellious look which includes these colours but going for the messy look, so you people that aren't that into applying make up then this trend should be easy to achieve just don't worry about it looking perfect...Its not meant to!

To me all these colours and looks make me think of Autumn/Winter so I think everyones going to look great this year ;)
I will definetly be daring and creative this season, along with my upcoming photoshoots, keep updated on my blog to see all the new work that I have done.

What do you think of these trends?
Like? Dislike?

Sophie xxx
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