Friday, 22 September 2017

REVIEW: Body Shop Wonderblur Primer

Im excited to review this primer, Ive had it in my kit for a good 6 months now and honestly haven't raved about it a lot.

The main points you need to know straight away is that this primer is amazing for lines, wrinkles, aged skin and gives a radiant complexion.
This is the primer that you all ask for 'I want a primer to fill in my lines and make me look 10 years younger'
Im not lying when i say this, but it honestly blurs the appearance on fine lines, so any one above 30 would make this product your best friend ;), thank me later.

So Wonderblur is part of The Body Shops Drops of Youth range, this range is targeted for ageing skin to smooth and reduce fine lines focussing on the stem cell ingredients to really renew our skin cells.
The plant ingrediants include, Criste Marine, Sea Holly and Edelweiss.
Thes ingredients help to smooth, hydrate and nourish the skins texture directing it to line and wrinkles on the skin surface.
Its the 'Youth Enhancing' range of products, i at least incorporate one product into my skincare routine, which is mainly the drops of youth concentrate which is a serum, i find using serums that focus on ageing will be the prevention to my future lines (which i won't have!!)

So for week 4 of my Skin Primer reviews I wanted to flaunt the pro's of this primer and finally rave about this product to you all.
The texture of this primer may be usual to what you expect, it is like a thick foam which comes out of the tube but actually goes on the skin so lightweight and invisible, to feel comfortable under makeup.
It instantly smoothes the skins texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines, fills in any open pores and leaves a flawless even finish on the skin.
This can be used on its own if you don't wear makeup.

Another pro to this product is that it has a iridescent glow to the colour of this primer, which helps brighten and perk up the skin to give it that youthful look.

With this primer coming in UNDER £20, You can not go wrong.
Drop me a message if you would like to order this product and maybe get discount depending on current offers.
Its one for the bag!

Love Sophie x

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