Tuesday, 20 June 2017

REVIEW: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

As you may notice, JUNE is focussing on weekly foundation reviews.
This week is Lancôme with their Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation which has been relaunched with their new addition shades. This foundation has been on the market for a good few years and is one of their well known products in their makeup collection.

This product is one of lancomes best selling liquid foundation and also available in an amazing (now) 40 Shades!!
Lancôme states this foundation to be 'long lasting and provides full coverage without feeling cakey'
Some amazing scientific points is that it contains 2 most oil absorbing, effective ingredients and  special pigments that consist a PH level of the skin which helps sit and absorb best with your skin tone.
I was matched up with 024-Beige Vanille which of course is a yellow undertone for me and matched my skin perfectly. It comes as a packaged sample which is pre-prepared in a box, in a squeezable tube with 5ml of product.
I applied my foundation every day with a Real Techniques Stipping Brush (Pink Handle) squoze the right amount of product on to the back of my hand and buffed it onto the skin in circular motions starting in the centre of the face and outwards.

I remember years ago, a friend who used to wear this. At that point I was all about FULL coverage, a bit like last weeks MAC review, that would have been a top fave of mine but as my skin has got better and maintains a clear, more flawless finish I can't bear a thick foundation.
So all I can say is I loved this finish!
It is "claimed" a full coverage but I have used thicker although I would rate this as a more medium coverage.
The first point I look out for in my foundations is to fully even out any discolouration/pigmentation on my skin, which is the only reason I wear foundation and is something I have altered within my skin routine lately. This foundation did that perfectly!

Another great point about this finish, is although i would say it is medium coverage I will also point out that it feels amazingly light and that I hardly have anything on my skin which is lovely this time of year and especially with the weather we have had this week.
Summer is the time of year where we debate on doing a full face or even people that feel like they 'have to wear foundation' I'm sure will admit that they hate the feeling of it in this heat.
So if your happy to tone down the full coverage slightly then I would totally throw this one your way.

I find the finish silky and fresh looking, not completly matte but also not dewy and radiant, definitely in between if I have to be awkward! Haha
I would actually compare it to my L'Oréal True Match foundation as it starts of feeling like a liquid powder texture but develops on the skin to your natural skin type which doesn't make it either matte or dewy.
It stays true to its name of 24hour wear and comfort and it lasted from morning till night without having to touch up at all.
And I am testing these foundations using NO PRIMER and NO SETTING PRODUCTS.

I would highly recommend again to go to your nearest Lancôme counter and get your 7-day trial with their consultants to match you up with your perfect shade (you should have no trouble with a choice of 40!)

Tune back to SDiaries next week when I review The Body Shops BRAND NEW Matte Clay Foundation which doesn't even get released until July!!

Love Sophie xx

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