Friday, 29 January 2016

REVIEW: Diorshow Maximizer Mascara

Ever struggle with getting those long lashes no matter what you do or try.
Well trust me on this one... Get yourself Dior's Diorshow Maximizer backstage mascara.

This is not a normal mascara, it is a serum (primer) based mascara.
The first base mascara that Dior have ever produced and it doesn't fail to disappoint. I promise you this mascara will give your lashes twice the volume!

This product was designed for Dior backstage fashion shows being used by the top makeup artists, to use this product you should apply to clean lashes before your usual mascara.

Friday, 22 January 2016

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows

After starting of the year giving you my advice on beauty/skincare tips I decided to squeeze a 'sparkly' eyeshadow review before we forget about glitters.

Most people think as glitter and sparkles more of a Christmas thing or only on special occasions. That doesn't get said in my mind! I would wear glitter and sparkles all year through, no reason would stop me.
Or maybe you've been told too many times that you can't wear glitter as you get older. Put it this way, don't listen! There are all sorts of different ways to wear glitter, it doesn't have to be extreme glitter pigment as you may be thinking, there are pearlised shimmer that are already put into basic eyeshadows and also reflective glitter that is noticed within different lights which doesn't look to over the top.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

My Daily Skincare Routine

'Feauture Friday' is back already and this week will be the follow up from last weeks post '2016 Beauty Resolutions' on my daily skincare routine.
If you missed last weeks (important) post on making a difference for the new year you can read it HERE. Its not too late to make these changes, every day is a different day no matter if it was January 1st, get this week out the way with drinking and eating and start Monday, theres nothing stopping you and I hope I have influenced a lot of people on making this change. Its for the best, and doing this will prove it.

Lasts weeks post was based on things you can change in 2016 for your beauty routine and a lot of it was down to looking after your skin so I said I was going to write a separate post explaining my full skincare routine from products to applications and here it is...

I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning at not washing my face at the minimum.
It may seem like a chore to change and do all this every morning and night but honestly you will just get used to it, by just getting into this routine it can be done within 5-10 minutes, now whats that? In that time you can spend waiting for a kettle to boil? Point proven :D


Friday, 8 January 2016

2016 Beauty Resolutions

Yes I have gone and published at 'Resolution' post, I know we all hate them and never stick to these but you need this in January.
I'm not making you go out and change every product in you beauty cupboard but to make you realise that looking after your skin is very important to your appearance and your confidence.

Ladies if you have a spot you know you want to hide it and not let people see so you pack it will a bunch of concealers until your happy that it's invisible. But no! Thats not the way to do it.
If you look after your skin you won't need to cover and you will want to flaunt your make-up free face. Isn't that what we all want.
Well, keep reading and stick to my advice and I promise you will see a difference. 2016 may be your best beauty year yet.

Friday, 1 January 2016



Just want to say a massive thank you for the support I have had in the past year. I have put my all into 'Makeupbysophiedowning' last year and i am more than proud and happy to say i have accomplished a lot by my little self.

I started of in the fashion/beauty photographic makeup industry from my passion for creative, statement makeup as I love doing big crazy shoots where i can incorporate lots of ideas, objects and accessories into my art work. (You can see my fashion portfolio on my website HERE)
I don't know what changed but something brought me into the bridal makeup industry and I will never turn back.
Don't get me wrong i will of course carry on doing odd crazy shoots to bring out my creative side but bridal makeup has made me content with my work, maybe because everything is so pretty and romantic, girly and just not stressful as its always about happy times surrounded round happy people.
Not only weddings but making you ladies look fabulous for any occasion from a girls night out to prom makeup is such an amazing job, making you happy and listening to everything you would like is a pleasure for me to make you feel and look your best.
My business is growing in the makeup industry and I am booking up fast so i would like to say a massive thank you and a cheers to the future!

Congratulations to my brides of 2015 and everyone that has got engaged over the festive period. Let me tell you, you have lots of exciting plans to come.
All my brides of 2015 have looked beautiful on their big days and I want to wish them all the best for the future and lots of happy times ahead.
From working with these lovely couples I have also discovered lots of stunning places in and around Derby that I pretty much didn't know existed and gosh did I expect less from my hometown haha.
All the work that gets put into someones special day takes the couple lots of time and thought which is pretty amazing, so well done :* and of course all the businesses that have worked on these weddings with them.

So much has happened and changed for me in the last year and I could be here all day, but I'm not going to put you to sleep going through the 12 months but this post is pretty much to say thank you and to wish you all the best in 2016.
My plans for 2016 are major and want you to keep your eyes peeled on what i have planned next.
Starting with my monthly newsletter tat gets sent out tonight. This contains everything in my makeup world from recent work, special offers for subscribers only, fun competitions for you all to win prizes and lots more.
Makeup Newsletter

A few of my upcoming plans are to work within a bridal shop with my own section where i will be holding Event Nights, Masterclasses and holding bridal trials if needed.
I am so excited and hope that all my plans are here to benefit you.
Feedback and any ideas are more than welcome to be messaged to me, I want to be here for all of your needs.

For any bookings or queries please contact me on:
Twitter - @makeupbysophied
Instagram - @makeupbysophiedowning

Sophie xx

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