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Beauty Gift Ideas 2018

It's definitely the perfect time to do a blog post covering Beauty Gift Ideas for 2018.
Christmas is approaching, and afraid to admit but I am nearly finished!
Yes I am very prepared this year, making list ideas since September time, then started buying at the beginning of December - Woman on a Mission!

I thought it would be lovely to share with you my top Beauty Gift Ideas for many of you to consider ready for the christmas season.
Overall, if there is a beauty addict in the family/friend circle, most products you cant go wrong, from experience, we accept and are happy with ANY beauty product.
I love trying new things and its also great to consider trying something that may not even cross your mind to buy.

So let me start off with…

The bag of goodies; Ted Baker Beauty Wash Bag
We all need a pretty, but good quality Beauty Bag that HAS to last through the year.
Most peoples beauty bags are just little free gift we have all recieved with a beauty purchase and we just make do and refresh when we receive the next…
Well I have found that a well made beauty bag stands the test of time and I always go for Ted Baker's Wash Bags.
They have beautiful patterns and designs for many different personalities, and they always look beautiful on your vanity table.

Mainly their designs consist of a hard shell structure on the outside, which prevents the mess building around the makeup bags (were bound to get a splatter of some product through the year) This makes it so much easier to keep clean an fresh.
Inside varies depending on the bag, my latest one was a satin material, which of course needs a soak every now and then but always comes out sparkling clean.
So a good quality Makeup Bag would be a great one for the Beauty Christmas list.

Next on the list is Tropic - 12 Day of Tropic Gift Collection
Always banging on about your skincare routine!
Your skin is the base to all our makeup and will reflect on the finish of ALL your look, even wether your buying the most expensive foundation.
So skincare is key! Which makes the 12 Days of Tropic the perfect Christmas Gift.
The best part of this gift is the COUNTDOWN…
Starting on Christmas Day you open your first window… Just like an advent calendar.
You make you way through the 12 days which leads your up to New Year - the TAH DAHH, you have a full skincare routine ready to start 2019, and trust me, by the end of January I promise you will see and feel a difference! If you don't, Tropic guarantee a 30 day money back.
So what do you have to lose.
Also many people won't always buy every product they need on their first purchase, but this is where you need to have a full routine to see the difference and make that skincare change, so this collection will give you everything in one so you have all you need for your 2019 skin routine.
I cant wait to start mine on Christmas Day - I have no clue whats in my countdown yet, Ill start it with you on the 25th.

If you would like to purchase your 12 Days of Tropic, for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone, please contact me to order to the studio, or order online at, TROPIC WITH SOPHIE

Another great gift is my FAVOURITE Brush brand, ZOEVA Brushes - The Rose Gold Vol.1 Collection would be a huge recommendation.
Quality brushes are something I hugely advise to many of my Makeup Lesson Clients, having the right tools to apply your products with make a big difference to the finish of your makeup.
They have the perfect texture and hairs to blend, shape and fit with all faces and make your application so much easier than dragging hard brushes on the skin and messing up the look with one mistake.
In my kit, I do mainly use Zoeva so I would highly recommend, and by putting this on your Christmas List this is one bulk saving that will last you years!! INVESTMENTS.

How can we not have a Christmas without a new Eyeshadow Palette? 
Urban Decay Naked Cherry, The new baby of the group.
I chose this as the palette to add to your 2018 Christmas list as pinks and pastels are the colours for the 2019 new year trends, so this is the perfect gift to add some colour into someones makeup bag.
Pinks also work amazingly on all eye colours, they make the colour pop better than many other shades.
And who doesn't love the quality and pigment of Urban Decays eyeshadows.

Last but not least I had to put the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter on here.
It is a recent purchase of mine that I ordered at the end of last month but I am honestly in love with the whole product, form the texture, the feel and finish on the skin.
Trust me, by the time January 2019 comes around were all ready to brighten up our lives after the christmas spirit has ended and the perfect way is to add some radiance into our skin, perk up our makeup and add some glow to make us think about spring quicker than ending winter.
If you would like to read my full review on the Flawless Filter, see why it is so different to any other primer, foundation or highlighter.

Let the Christmas Countdown begin :D 

Extra special Beauty Gift idea;
All of these gifts a great overall idea for christmas, but if you want to make your gift more personal, treat your lovely one to a Makeup Voucher with Makeup by Sophie Downing.
You can use these vouchers as a credit towards a service, or a chosen service (i.e. Makeup Lesson) and fully personalise the voucher, with names and a nice message.
I can send these in the post or email them over to you.
They are valid for a full 6 months starting Jan 2019

If you would like to purchase a voucher and make it extra special, please contact me via;


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Flawless Fiter? Isn't that what we all want on our skin 24/7?
Well good old Charlotte has created her skin base/foundation for you all to apply on your morning skin.

Dont get caught up… Your regular skin condition plays a big part in this finished look.
Keeping a good routine with your skincare and your health diet makes the biggest change to your makeup look, but a good beauty product cant hurt in enhancing what we want for our skin.

I've been dubious on the Flawless Filter product for a while, and seeing as I needed to do a Charlotte Tilbury restock for my kit I thought, why not?
I can use it on myself after all (perks of the job). Of course, testing it on myself first is the number one thing I just have to do!
First off I trialled this on fresh cleansed skin - My morning routine of; Cleaning, face massaging, toner, serum and moisturiser (more about this on next Fridays blog)
After leaving my skincare to settle into my skin before applying Flawless Filter. I planned NOT to use a primer…

Charlotte describes this as her Celebrity-Skin-Filter-In-A-Bottle!
The products technology is inspired by red-carpet celebrities technology for a real-life airbrushed look

I applied Flawless Filter with my fingers, all over my face
(I brought the shade light/medium Shade 3 - This time of year, I should probably be using Light, but seeing as I wanted it for my kit i wanted something universal)
The texture of this product layered onto my skin like satin, it is a thicker constancy that I thought, more feeling like dewy foundation, rather than serum.
It felt creamy but hydrating and really easy to work into my skin spreading across my entire face without it feeling drying.
The radiance was instant! It had a beautiful hydrated, dewy sheen to the finish, it a perfect amount of 'glow' to the face, which could be worn with or without foundation on top.

I loved the face that my skin felt so smooth and evened out from the texture of the product feeling like i had a perfect amount of makeup on my skin without it feeling thick.
I honestly would say it gives that 'flawless filter' to the skin, as it does smooth out the complexion though its soft-focus finish - also filling and smoothing out the pores without using a primer underneath.

I would actually say this product is a good 3 in 1 - from Primer, liquid highlighter to a BB tinted moisturiser finish. I think this will be a perfect holiday product too! (Im wishing away winter already!)

Ways that Charlotte recommends using this product…

Is the Flawless Filter on your Christmas List?
Would this be a product for your makeup bags?

Love Sophie x

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