Tuesday, 10 July 2018

REVIEW: Glossier Stretch Concealer

Heard of Glossier?
One must-have brand thats going crazy online right now…

Glossier is a range of beauty products that are just what your looking for; simple, basic but does what it says on the bottle.

I'd been eyeing this brand up for a few months but wanted to buy the best sellers to really see what the raves about.
My glossier purchase contained; Stretch Concealer, Cloud Paint, Balm Dot Com, Silky Jelly Cleanser and Priming Moisturiser.
Such a great variety of products for different areas of the face and skin, which I knew id have a whale of a time trying out.

First impressions…
I love the simple, chic packaging, even how my glossier box was delivered.
With its pink bubble wrapped makeup pouch which can be reused.
Although the clasp broke pretty much straight away, so there was no point in my keeping, which I was guttered about - Im a hoarder at heart!

Lets talk about 'Stretch Concealer'
You may have seen my social post regarding this product being my 'Product Of The Week' on Wednesday.
I have been using this EVERY DAY since I pretty much got it - with makeup and no-makeup on a daily basis.
Let me take you back…
Winter was my lover of coverage, so Nars Creamy Concealer was my go to, as my skin has become more tanned and the weather has got a lot hotter for England, I moved onto YSL Touche Eclat, as this is more light weight, radiant and suits all makeup looks.
Glossier's Stretch Concealer is officially Touche Eclat in a POT!

With a price slash and a different was of applying, this product seriously is a summer must-have

The shades are quite transparent, I have been using 'Light' and it blends in well with my pale and tanned skin without looking like I have white under eyes.
It does have a slight pink undertone although this pigment can really help brighten up those dark under eye circles with its colour correcting contrast, which has definitely swayed me.

The texture is to die for, really creamy but sheer at the same time, making this easy to apply with your ring-finger (no brushes needed), tapping the product in under the eyes until it is fully blended and setting into the skin.
It doesn't crease or look cakey under the eyes in any way.
And really adds a beautiful radiance to the eye area, giving a brightening effect to those sleepy eyes every morning.

Like I said, I have been using this with my normal makeup looks and when im wearing no makeup at all.
Under eye concealer, mascara and lip oil are my daily essentials in this summer heat.
Effortless and easy.

So I would fully recommend trying this product to achieve bright, healthy looking complexion around the eyes.

I shall review more Glossier products in future…

Love Sophie x

Monday, 2 July 2018

REVIEW: Tropic Skincare Brand

Skincare has become a massive interest and hobby within my own lifestyle and working as a Makeup Artist.
I truly believe and have seen proven evidence that getting yourself a skincare regime that suits your needs and skin concerns creates the perfect canvas for flawless makeup.
Reading that may sound obvious, but why do most of us buy high coverage makeup to hide imperfections and search high and low for products to 'turn' our makeup look into a fiction model?
Making changes and learning about your skin can take time, and its a trial and error though life.
Our skin will never be perfect but we can sure make it happen with the right regimes and effort but into caring and looking more closely at what our skin is telling us.

June has been focused on Wellness, I have had guest bloggers from all kinds of self-care backgrounds, from body confidence to our nutrition, it's a topic that will never end but its one that we can enjoy working on throughout our whole lives, not just to look good for everyone to see but to feel good on the inside and help our own mindset into believing we are the best we can be.

Over the past year, natural skincare has been an eye opener to me, it is not something you can just decide to change tomorrow, as their is no such word as 'natural' when it comes to meanings for all people, brands and skincare labs, everyone has a different outlook on 'natural'
But through my natural skincare process I have learnt so much about ingredients, from synthetics, preservatives, oils and herbs.
Its fascinating!!
So a few weeks ago, I met someone who is a sales representative for Tropic Skincare.
Have you heard of it?
Suzie Ma is the founder and creator since 2004, she was on the apprentice a few years back and now has Alan Sugar as part of her business!
Her overall aim was to create skin and body care products in a natural, organic way that also helps the environment.
I first came across this brand within my Powder Beauty Boxes - Monthly Subscription.
I received a miniature product of Tropic's Super Greens Serum, I did review this box HERE.

I remember trying this product out, and excited about the fact that it was bursting with natural superfoods that we don't have to eat for once, and can actually just let the goodness soak into my skin, although the smell was pretty different let say!
This did slightly put me off, but also made me think I had a dodgy sample haha.
Although I can now assure you that every other product from Tropic that I have recently tested has smelt the most amazing scents ive ever applied onto my face.

After my meeting with the Tropic Ambassador, I was lucky enough to get the chance to take away the full starter kit and more products to trial out for a full week.
Sometimes I think i'm mad when I decide to do this, as it can mess with our skin when changing products too often, as they need at least a week to adjust to our skin and bring out / control any skin effects that may happen.

I am going to individually review each product that I have been testing, and explain my routine of when I used this within my routine.
At the beginning of each review I have listed the key ingredients containing within each product.

Smoothing Cleanser - Complexion Purifier 
Eucalyptus and Rosemary oils and Green Tea extract.
I was dubious on this product, as personally i like foaming cleansers as i feel like they clean my skin more than cream cleansers, but after every wash my skin felt completely purified but balanced and hydrated from just one wash, Tropic you may have changed my preferences.

Vitamin Toner - Pore Refining Mist
Rose Water, Aloe Vera and Cucumber juices.
Spraying toner? Im used to using a cotton pad and preparing my skin with a liquid toner, but wow a spray toner is for one - easy! and it feels so refreshing. This could definitely be used as a refresh spray throughout the day as well.

Skin Revive - Nourishing Cream Concentrate 
Australian Kakadu Plum, Hyaluronic Acid, Raspberry Seed Oil
Face creams are the product that I am most picky with. Creams have to work well as a makeup base not only to moisturise the skin.
The natural ingredients in this made the moisturiser sit and sink quickly into the skin and worked its magic right before applying my makeup.
Another bonus is this cream has a SPF 30 rating, and trust me this makes makeup setting harder hone creams contain spf as i usually don't have this in my moisturisers.
The smell was also lovely and fruity and can really smell the raspberry extract.

Eye Refresher - Cooling Gel Roll-on 
An eye cream before your make up can really be a pain for your concealer to sit on top of which is why I use eye cream at night.
This eye gel worked great with my makeup. With it being like water gel, my skin soaked this up quickly whilst also leaving the eye area cool and refreshed.
Great for the mornings when you get puffy eyes, after a hot nights sleep, or bad hay-fever in my concern.

Night Repair - Cell Renewal Cream Concentrate 
Murumuru Butter, Babassu, Andiroba, Oat Oil, Blue Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Lavender
Always have separate day cream to night creams! They work so differently, and you skin needs different benefits whilst you sleep compared to the day where our skin needs to be sun produced and fighting daily pollution.
This night cream is a great soothing lotion for the skin, calming ingredients after a crazy day and very hydrating to treat the skin through the night.

Eye Revive - Age-defying Cream Concentrate
Echium Flower, Bird of Paradise Extract, Tomato Seed, Marula Oils - Vitamin C and B3 Technology
The eye cream for night time! This is much more creamier than the day time eye roll on.
This eye cream spreads so far that you only need a tiny bit. Its not too thick that it sits on the skin it really sinks into the eye area thanks to the light ingredients and vitamins to feed the skin and treat the eye area through the night.

Face Smooth - Brightening Polish
Almond Oil, Acai, Elderberry and Bamboo Silica
Some people now avoid gritty face exfoliants due to the harsh gains against the skin. But I personally do like my exfoliants a little rough as at the end of the day, its a polish for a reason.
This polish is grainy but soft on the skin thanks to the pure ingredients which prevents the formula damaging the skin.
It really brightens up the complexion and leaves the skin silky soft, feeling as if the skin has had a thorough cleanse which is great to use every other day.

Supergreens - Nutrient Boost Serum
Chlorophyll, Kale, Maca Root, Marula, Kendi Oils, Green Coffee and Tamanu Oils
Heres the product that I first discovered Tropic, Their Supergreens serum is one strong smelling magic treatment!
All the ingredients we should be eating that tastes erm, grim! Can now easily be put into our skin.
This serum does feel thicker than others available on the hughstreet but I can feel it totally feed the skin fast and beneficial to all skin types.
It can be quite a heavy formula to use every day, especially on oily skin, but 3x a week is ideal to feed your skin all the goodness in one application.

Good Skin Day - Reserfacing Serum 
Lime Pearl, Glycolic Acids, Willow Bark BHA, Papaya Enzymes, AHA Fruit Complexes and Hyaluronic Acid
I loveeee a good skin acid formulation as you all know. Skin acids are great to reach the deeper layers of the skin and is something we should incorporate into our daily routine.
If you have never used skin acids before, do start off light, maybe every other day if your skin is sensitive but once you get into a routine you won't be able to live without it.
Your skin feels deeply purified and renewed every day, leaving you with a fresh skin base with every application.
This products smells beautiful, with all the fruit complexes in and its citrus notes.

Organic Elixir - Age Defying Facial Oil
Moringa, Plum Seed Kernel, Kiwi Seed, Pomegranate, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
One of my favourites in the skin collection, I literally wanted this on my skin every day.
The hydration and smoothness of this oil really replenishes the skin and keeps your skin feeling plumped and hydrated.
This oil contains ingredients to help with ageing and renewing cells.
The smell reminded me of a cherry bakewell! aha

Sun Drops - Gradual Tanning Facial Serum 
Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Passionfruit Extract, Plant Allo-melanin
I was slightly dreading this product, just at the fact that I had just got back from a week in the sun, and i already had a good tan that I didnt want this to bite me on the bum
I used this by mixing 3 drops into the night revieve moisturiser and blended all over my face and down the neck.
The next morning I lovedddd the colour of my face, I didnt need foundation.
There was NO tanning smell, and it didnt leave my face looking patchy at all, even when the product was wearing off day by day.
One that I would buy for my face in future as this wouldn't cause breakouts like other face tanners due too this containing natural ingredients.

Day Routine (2nd photo)
Smoothing Cleanser
Vitamin Toner
Good Skin Day
Skin Revive
Eye Refresher

Night Routine (3rd photo)
Smoothing Cleanser
Vitamin Toner
*Alternative - Supergreens or Organic Elixir*
Night Repair
Eye Revive

Sun Drops were mixed with Night Repair on 2 nights of the week.
Face Smooth was used after the Cleanser at night, 2 time of the week.

All of these ingredients are definitely ones that i would look for in future products and for sure a brand that I would buy and recommend to people.

Love Sophie xx

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