Friday, 22 September 2017

REVIEW: Body Shop Wonderblur Primer

Im excited to review this primer, Ive had it in my kit for a good 6 months now and honestly haven't raved about it a lot.

The main points you need to know straight away is that this primer is amazing for lines, wrinkles, aged skin and gives a radiant complexion.
This is the primer that you all ask for 'I want a primer to fill in my lines and make me look 10 years younger'
Im not lying when i say this, but it honestly blurs the appearance on fine lines, so any one above 30 would make this product your best friend ;), thank me later.

So Wonderblur is part of The Body Shops Drops of Youth range, this range is targeted for ageing skin to smooth and reduce fine lines focussing on the stem cell ingredients to really renew our skin cells.
The plant ingrediants include, Criste Marine, Sea Holly and Edelweiss.
Thes ingredients help to smooth, hydrate and nourish the skins texture directing it to line and wrinkles on the skin surface.
Its the 'Youth Enhancing' range of products, i at least incorporate one product into my skincare routine, which is mainly the drops of youth concentrate which is a serum, i find using serums that focus on ageing will be the prevention to my future lines (which i won't have!!)

So for week 4 of my Skin Primer reviews I wanted to flaunt the pro's of this primer and finally rave about this product to you all.
The texture of this primer may be usual to what you expect, it is like a thick foam which comes out of the tube but actually goes on the skin so lightweight and invisible, to feel comfortable under makeup.
It instantly smoothes the skins texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines, fills in any open pores and leaves a flawless even finish on the skin.
This can be used on its own if you don't wear makeup.

Another pro to this product is that it has a iridescent glow to the colour of this primer, which helps brighten and perk up the skin to give it that youthful look.

With this primer coming in UNDER £20, You can not go wrong.
Drop me a message if you would like to order this product and maybe get discount depending on current offers.
Its one for the bag!

Love Sophie x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

REVIEW: Becca 'Purple' First Light Priming Filter

THE purple primer, that you all need to know about ;)

Purple tinted primers are to be used on skin that has shallow undertones, in other words a little dark and dull… (Purple corrects tones such as yellow and brown areas within the skin)
Also a prefect daily primer for medium-dark skin tones.
This Becca Primer is my go to for any of my clients who need a skin brightener, to perk up and revitalise, bringing their skin to life.

The First Light Priming Filter is described as - '{BECCA}’s beautiful, lavender-toned First Light Priming Filter is key to achieving a ‘soft focus’ gleam. Its lilac hue is brilliantly brightening – dispelling dullness and instantly neutralising sallow tones – while light-diffusing particles create a dewy, ‘gym skin’ finish.' - Cult

The texture is a silky, light liquid, which spreads evenly and sinks into the skin quickly without having to work into the skin.
It contains ingredients such as spring water, prickly pear flower, hyaluronic acid and ginger which helps to condition and hydrate the skins moisture levels and boosts pluming levels within the skin.

To use this primer you evenly spread the liquid over the entire face (direct areas are not needed) with wither your fingers or a flat synthetic foundation brush.
It can also be used on its own without any makeup on top, for a more luminous, brightening glow.
Of course makeup can be put over the top and also helps stay put throughout the day, keeping skin refreshed all day long.

I think this is a great winter must have when the weather gets cold, and our skin becomes dry and dull, we can all walk around with that summer glow.

Is this purple primer for you?
Has this post made you discover a new product for you makeup bags?

Love Sophie 


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Powder Beauty Box - June 2017

I hope you've seen my insta snaps of my latest subscription with the amazing Powder Box.
Im officially on my 2nd one so thought it was a perfect time to review my first box that i got sent last month, strangely on the paperwork it said June 2017 so I'm stating that date, even though the month was August, not too sure…

Anyway, if you don't already know, POWDER BEAUTY is a subscription box which your pay for monthly, this one is £10pm
There are many other subscription beauty boxes out there such as Glossy Box (one i used to have years ago), Birch box, look fanatstic and many more!
I guess choosing your box brand would depend on what you are more interested in for your products and what brands you would like to recieve.

Powder box caught my eye the most as I've been following Powder Beauty since they launched last year and I loved the overall look, the unique products and brands and the amazing tip and tricks that they share.
These boxes have a great variety on makeup, skincare and hair products that will suit everyone.

Im going to go through all the products that i received in this months box and let you know what i thought of them…
I tested each product thoughout the weeks up to the second box, which was roughly 2 weeks.

Ciate Gelology Nail Polish - in 'Dangerous Affair'
For years I always used to have acrylics on my nails, which at the start of this year i decided to get removed and let my nails grow themselves, until august when i went on holiday i wanted them nicely painted as they do grow nicely now, so i got Shellac on… I regret this!! my nails feel wrecked at the moment, I'm constantly applying OPI Nail Envy to repair them but i did give this polish a go too.
Its a gorgeous oxblood, wine red which I love in autumn, i always get drawn to these shades wether its nails, clothes or makeup!
It is a thicker consistency than basic nail polish with its gel technology, with a easy size applicator for nail sizes and a glossy finish overall.

Elemis Hydro-Boost Day Cream
We all love a good Elemis Treat! This cream is targeted for dull looking, drier skin that needs a good boost. It contains Hyaluraic Acid to lock in moisture, Marsh Samphire and Starflower oil to protect and build your skins moisture layer.
Lately my skin has been pretty normal, but I wanted to use it anyway… Because my skin hasn't been dry i decided to use this more towards the evening on my skin as for the morning i didnt need something too creamy, but I loved it!
Of course the texture was on the thicker side, but thats the whole point!
The smell was just gorgeous. Very fresh, but floral and spa-like, which takes me to Zen land!
And the ingredients that this contains are right up my street when it comes to conditioning our special skin. This will be a perfect winter moisturiser when our skin starts to get dry.

Burts Bees Oil Cleanser
You all know I love a good Cleansing Oil! I hope you have all got over your fear of face oils!! Trust me they work for all skin types.
Oils are my favourite when removing makeup as it really does dissolve everything onto your cotton pad after a long, layered makeup day.
This had the original Burts Bees scent with a hint of coconut, which seems to be everywhere this year, so yes, this did the trick and removed my makeup beautifully!

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm
Well my go-to Lip balm has always been Malin + Goetz, but I can now say I'm spoilt for choice, they both are an equal number 1.
This balm is packed with anti-oxidants and infused with Rosehip oil and Shea Butter, which makes the smell of this so creamy/floral, its too good!
The texture is spot on too, not sticky, thick or gel-like, more creamy and smooth.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
This has been a product I have had in the past, do you remember my M&S Christmas Advent Calendar, well this was when I first received this product. I loved it then and i still love it now.
It is a funny texture to describe actually, its looks more solid but comes out more like a thick greek yogurt, just not as creamy. I know, i sound mad but if it does the trick… and it sure does, it feels comfortable and cool on the eyes. But dries up quick so you do need to use it every night and make sure the lid is on tight.

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask
Ive always seen REN as a brand for oily skin types, I just find they do a lot of oil control based products so I was surprised when i saw a rescue mask. This mask is perfect for those who have sensitive, stressed skin.
When you apply this it feels as light as a moisturiser then it starts to set harder but feeling like your skin has a matte sheen over the face.
I actually loved the feeling of this and my face felt really even and protected when i removed it, so i can see exactly where the 'rescue' comes from.

GHD Advance Split End Therapy
My love for Hair care products is constantly growing lately. Since I've actually started to take more care when handling my hair and purchasing products I've really started to see a difference, my hair has grown like crazy and its alway feels silky, which I am grateful for as i used to bleach the hell out of it!
This product is actually activated by heat. So perfect for those who blow-dry or straighten their hair a lot, see I love a good blow dry.
So when I saw this GHD therapy creme i was dying to try it out.
I applied this to damp hair, just after it had been towel dried and applied it to the ends of my hair around the size of a 10pence piece.
The texture was creamy and thick but felt like it was actually pushing down the cuticles of my hair to give it a smooth finish, so I shall be using this up until its gone!

Smashbox Always on Mate Liquid Lipstick - in 'Drivers Seat'
My FAVOURITE of the box, or is it because I love makeup too much?
Well this Liquid Lipstick was just the colour I had been looking for… A nude, brown with a red undertone. Its the perfect winter shade which also makes your skin look brighter.
The main point is this lipstick tasted agessss! I ate, drank, talked loads and it was still on.
The fact that this is matte, worried me that it would look crumbly as the hours went by, but i was impressed that it looked exactly the same.
The applicator was also a perfect shape and size for any lips with its pointed tip.
And apparently its their best selling colour ;)

How good was this box ;)
I can't wait to review my latest September box…

Also, each box comes wrapped up in tissue and shredded paper to reveal the hidden products.
It also contains a little booklet, explaining what each product is and what it does along with little 'POW-ER' tips - I love that idea.
A beauty Dictionary Index explaining any words/ingredients of what they mean, and a great discount and offers section, revealing codes for some of the brands within the box.

Im LOVING these boxes so much, as you know i like trying new and unique products.

What do you think to this box?
Would you use any of these products?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

REVIEW: Smashbox Colour Correcting Green Primer

Last week I focussed on Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer and briefly on the Original, I then skimmed over about the other primers that Smashbox have in their range and which are the Colour Correcting Primers, so it made sense to have this weeks review on the Green Colour Correcting Primer.

One of my MOST USED primers on my clients - First of Green corrects any Redness on the skin!
Many of my clients have rosy cheeks, roseasa, or just sensitive skin which cause little red areas.
This primer is a miracle product in my kit, I find that it really does tone and even out any redness on clients.
Of course it doesn't get rid of it but it makes the area lighter and more easier to cover.
I was always dubious of colour correctors in the past, they are usually thick and chalky and don't work into the skin very well, especially concealers, as thats how colour correctors were best know.
Until Smashbox created this beauty.

The texture is lovely and silky, it glides are the skin effortlessly, and sinks in fast to give you the perfect base for your makeup.
Its not thick like pore primers, but not watery like average face primer, more of a light mousey feel.

This primer leaves your skin smooth before makeup and of course helps makeup to stay on longer and even out the redness on your skin.

So if your skin has redness, uneven red patches or sensitive to flare, then this sure is the perfect primer.

Check back next Tuesday when I talk about a special PURPLE Primer

Love Sophie xx

Friday, 1 September 2017

August Holiday Skincare Part 2

Last Friday I filled you all in on the Makeup products I took to Greece with me in August, with me aiming my makeup to be looking natural, healthy and sun kissed which I definitely achieved with these products - Catch up HERE

This Friday I promised you Skincare. Usually I stick to the same skincare products for a good 6 months using the same things morning and night, but with me going on holiday I thought it would be a great chance to test out lots of product samples I had, which luckily lasted me 2 week perfectly, with the travel sizes I had.
Some products stayed the same as I had nothing new to replace with, but I will state which products were original uses and new.

I want to show you my whole step-by-step routine, from the morning I woke, cleaning up after the day ready for the evening and my night time regime.
Yes I focus this much on my skin. I love it!

To start off my morning I would be using…
Face Wash (Original)
Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash 
I use this every day when I'm at home, I love face washes that froth up as it actually feels to me like it is cleaning my skin and cleansing off all the oils that are produced over night.
I chose the Drops of Light range because I wanted to work on evening out my skin tone and brightening my complexion regularly.

Toner (New)
Decleor Aroma Toner 
Now the first thing I noticed about this toner was that it smelled amazing!
A toner is good for the morning as it helps prepare the skin for the moisturiser and this was very important and my face was exposed to sun every day.

Moisturiser (New)
Caudalie Sorbet
This moisturiser is not only new to me but also new to the Caudalie skincare range.
Ive had a long love for Caudalie ever since my purchase of the Beauty Elixir Mist, which made me excited to give this a try.
The smell is the well known grape scent along with a little soft rose smell, and the texture is a very lightweight moisturiser as thats what sorbets are known to be, but I thought this was perfect for the day especially when I was putting my Lancaster Face Protector all over throughout the day.
But I would go down to breakfast after using these 3 products and letting it sink into my skin before applying the suncream all day.
I honestly felt this played a big part in my skin staying well moisturised in the morning and didnt feel clogged with products.

- After a day of sunbathing, I would of course go back to the room, shower, clean up and get ready for the evening which means… Next skincare routine ;)
Many people would be find doing the same routine as above but I wanted more moisture after the sun and a good makeup base…

Face Wash (Original)
The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash
Used in the shower to cleanse my skin, removing the days suncream and sweat - this wash made me feel so fresh and clean.

Serum (Original)
Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Serum
This is an original from home, and I have been buying this serum for the past 2 bottles.
At home I use this in the morning after my face wash as a serum to awaken at treat my skin with its amazing ginger extract which makes me feel awaken in the morning.

Moisturiser (Original)
The Body Shop Oils of Life Day Cream
This full routine is basically what i use every morning at home, I find it has the right about of hydration and ingredients that I want to put into my skin and is lightweight enough to apply makeup on top.
I love the Oils of Life range as it keeps my skin on top form from its condition to preventing ageing.

- A few hours later I would be getting in form dinner and a night out and getting all the makeup off and preparing my skin for bed, which at this time of night I actually had an alternative evening treatment…

Makeup Remover/Cleanser  (New)
Caudalie Cleansing Oil 
Im sure you all know I have a great love for all skincare oils! So as it being Caudalie again I was excited to test this one out and actually put it to the test comparing it to my Body Shop Camomile Cleaning Oil which I use every night at home…
I preferred my Body Shop one for sure, just due to the fact it didnt feel smooth enough for saying it was an oil like the Camomile one is so silky soft and just glides my makeup off.
I also struggled getting mascara off slightly with this Caudalie cleanser, so I guess this would be better suited for people who wear very minimal makeup and maybe more mature ladies due to the grape extract targeting ageing.


Alpha H Liquid Gold (New)
This is basically an more intense, overnight serum treatment with ingredients to target pretty much everything!! from redness to lines.
Using this on its own without night cream actually makes work better
I loveeeed this and have actually purchased a bottle this week as I've nearly finished the sample size.

Night Cream (New)
Neals Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate 
This was one of the samples I got from Kaye (private Neals Yard Consultant) 
I got a little kit with 4 products including the Face Mist, Mask and Beauty Balm.
This sleeping concentrate is of course an over night moisturiser, just like my Oils of life Sleeping Cream.
It aims to rejuvenate the skin. It smelled lovely and spa like as per with Neals yard, i did really like this but at night i like a thicker consistency which is why I would stick with my oils of life, but for those who don't like an overly heavy moisturiser at night then this would be great.

Eye Cream (Original)
The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 
This is one I use at home, I think with eye creams you just need to stick with one so actually see benefits but mainly to be sure it keeps your eyes hydrated. 
Dehydration around the eyes is what causes lines and wrinkles so this has been a favoutite of mine lately as vitamin E is best known for hydration with it containing wheatgerm oil and i find that it is not to clog around the eyes as thats another thing that can cause puffiness if eye creams are too thick.
But i LOVE a good hydrating eye mask ever so often.

Last but not least I took with me some Exfoliant Face Sheets, which I used on the first night after the flight, as always my skin goes dry but greasy from the flight as it makes my skin dehydrated and dried out, which is so common.
So to start the holiday I thought what better way to exfoliate and brighten the skin before bed.
NUFACE - Prep and Glow Exfoliate Sheets (New)
My gosh I LOVED these!
Im ordering a pack of 10 whilst I write this!
One side of the wipe was like a uneven bumpy surface, which was part 1 - You exfoliate this side all over the face after you have cleansed then on the other side is a smooth surface cloth which you go back over you skin with the calm and smooth out the skin.
These wipes target exfoliation on dead skin from the surface and aim to brighten the complexion.
Literally I saw and felt a difference straight away, by skin felt so clean and silky soft I was definitely skin ready for my holiday. 

Thats EVERYTHING, you can blink…
Haha, I love the skincare side to makeup and beauty, I find trying new products so much fun compared to years ago when my skin was so oily (it was actually dehydrated) and now since I have actually used the right products on my skin I'm not scared to experiment. 
Don't worry, ill be your guinea pig!

Overall after using these new products, the way my skin resulted to on holiday and since I've been back I can honestly say that my skin stayed fully hydrated throughout the 2 weeks, no oiliness, no dried out skin from the sun, just perfectly normal. 
Usually I either break out from suncreams or i dry out from the sun exposure.
So these products must have done me some good! 

I hope you found that interesting and helpful to developing a skincare routine yourself, its so important to look after your skin, and you will thank me and yourself later.

Please feel free to message me if you would like any discounted Body Shop Products or to receive my FREE skincare consultation helping you map out your routine with the exact products perfect for you.

Love Sophie xx
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