Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review: The Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask

I brought this mask a few weeks ago, I didn't go in the body shop planning to buy this...
What happened was, my favourite Bobbi Brown Day Moisturiser didn't come in time. I was on my emails as usual and came across a Body Shop offer which was 30% off any products and a free gift when you spend £25. This offer was sent to me because I have a rewards card with them (I advise getting yourself one)

I knew I wanted to try the 'Oils of Life' Moisturiser, so I decided to buy that one this month, I purchased the gel form as I wanted it quite lightweight.(I will blog about this moisturiser next week)
I then thought id may as well spend the £25 offer and get the free gift.
I previously had a sample of their  'Himalayan Purifying Charcoal Mask'  which was also part of this collection of FaceMasks which they recently released. But as I got talking to one of their consultants he showed me pretty much all the masks and this 'British Rose Plumping Mask' stood out to me most.
Mainly because I brought the 'Himalayan Purifying Charcoal Mask' anyway, so that was like my detox, I already have a hydrating mask, and the British Rose seemed like one that would be in-between all my needs.
To finish the shopping spree I purchased all those 3 products, got 30% off and a free gift - which actually worked out that one of my Facemasks were free. How much better could that be <3

I was excited to use the British Rose Mask as it is different to what I usually go out and buy, and it does different results to what my skin may be used to.
So what is it?
The 'British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask is inspired by the European Bathing Rituals. As you should know, The body shop is all against testing on animals and making all their products GREEN - Sticking to all the environmental factors and natural ingredients. Cant forget everything is paraben, paraffin and silicone free.
The Britsh Rose mask is 100% vegan, it contains real rose petals, rose hip oil, rose essence and aloe vera.

Now heres what the mask does...
This mask leaves skin replenished with a natal amount of moisture that your skin needs. A smooth finish with a youthful dewy appearance that plumps the natural elastics in the dermis.
This mask is great for those who need quenched and re-plumped skin that reveals a dewy glow.
I love my skin having natural radiance and the plumping aspect brings my skin to life.

It comes in a gel form, reminds me of jam! It looks and feels like it too, just not a thick!
So little goes a long way, and there is no time limit for this mask. From 10 minutes to an hour would even be ideal to get this product deep into the skin and plump that skin beautifully.
This isn't a harsh mask either, so you could use it as much as you like a week due to its natural ingredients and smoothing finish.

I will be blogging about the 'Himalayan Purifying Charcoal Mask' and my 'Oils of Life' Day moisturiser in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out for those.
I never find the body shop products disappointing so I will sure be purchasing more and maybe just making a whole collection with these new masks. Theres 5 in total, each targeting different areas/problems.

And also may be becoming a Body Shop Consultant within my business. This would benefit you all when helping you with a good skincare routine prior to any special occasions.

Sophie x

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