Tuesday, 4 July 2017

REVIEW: Vitamin C Energising Face Mist - The Body Shop

July is here! I wanted to aim this months reviews of Face Mists as I really think they make a huge difference to our skin in the humidity but also how we feel as well.
This summer I've had a growing love for face mists and have brought a few different types that I can now perfectly trial out each week to give you all an insight on what they do and how they work.

Heres to Week One, I have spent the past 7 days spritzing my face morning, night, random times through the day all to reap the benefits of the Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Mask.
I have tested this on the skin, before makeup, after makeup and makeup free days.

I would advise you all to read my older blog post on 'Why Vitamin C is good for your skin'
I deeply go into each benefit or how this amazing vitamin works well for our skin on a product and food basis. (Saves me re-writing everything!)

The basics of Vitamin C is this vibrant vitamin is proven have huge benefits to our skin and body, wether being costumed with food and/or through product application - it is high with antioxidants which brighten the skin, boost collagen production, helps with ageing.

The Body Shops Vitamin C range is purely concentrated on the Amazonian Camu Camu Berry, this berry has up to 60 times more power than an orange!!
So we are talking extra vitamin C benefits. I know you may think, ill just eat a ton of oranges but by applying these types of products on the skin we are exposing deeper activation within your skin cells.

The outline of this Vitamin C Face Mist, instantly refreshes the skin.
Focuses to transform Dull, tired and grumpy skin into Bright, radiant, glowing skin.
It also contains Organic Aloe Vera which is great for soothing skin or prevent irritation to flare up.

From Day one of spraying this onto my skin after cleansing the first morning, woke my nasal senses up completely! The smell of this spray is so addictive, it not only refreshed my skin but I, myself had an energising wake up. Imagine a range of senses from zesty, orange, tropical smells like waking up to a refreshing rainforest or berries. I want to spray myself in it just thinking about it.

I instantly felt the energising mist wake up my skin and over the next few days my skin has looked more bright and alive with a perky glow instead of my basic morning tired look. I can physically see the glow my skin has when the light reflects on my face.
I also love how the spray has a even spritz once pumped out which evenly spreads over the face, without leaving my skin wet.
I held the spray around 30cm away from my face up to 2-3 pumps a time, aiming at beach angle.

After a full week of using this Face Mist (minimal 3 times a day) my skin is not only looking radiant and glowing but also feels smooth to touch.

I would HIGHLY recommend this mist to anyone that wants a perk me up radiant summer skin.
Wether your staying in england this summer or jetting off on holidays, this will sure be in my bag!
You all know I love a glowing look in the summer.
Im now flaunting my makeup free face today!

Don't forget, I retail these products online and at my studio and also recieve discount from 30% at this very moment.
So snap up some bargain prices and get this face mist for under £9!! (RRP £12)
Or feel free to contact me for your personal Skincare consultation where i can recommend the perfect products just for you.

Have your tried vitamin C products before?
Or do you use a Face Mist?

Love Sophie x


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  2. can i use this mist at night?


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