Wednesday, 5 September 2018

REVIEW: By Terry Baume De Rose - Lip Tinted Balm

I honestly think i have a lip obsession!
I can't go anywhere without a stick, gloss, oil or balm - I just cant get enough.
I love my lips to feel hydrated and smooth, otherwise the lip biting decides to come out of me.
Usually when i concentrate or think deeply i tend to slightly bite my lips, which is not good! But many people do this when the winter started to creep in, as our skin goes drier and we get cracked lips - sound familiar?

Of course I have a ton on lip products anyway, due to my makeup job, but I love trying and buying no products for myself also.
I have purchased a lot of lip balms in the past, some that have been amazing and i still re-purchase to this day, and other which just do nothing at all.
One thats been on my list for a while now is the By Terry Baume De Rose.
I listened to a podcast where the interviewed the lady founder of By Terry (she actually invented the Touche Eclat!!)
Anyway, she spoke about her rose infused skincare/makeup range which all contains rose ingredients and of course lots of others, but her Baume De Rose range is a massive hit for By Terry fans.
Obviously i need to get my hands on this right…
Well last week I was in Space NK getting a makeover; ok so I am a makeup artist but I love going for these types of things. 1 because I love seeing how other makeup artists work and 2 i get to discover new products which i may have not chosen myself
So I got the makeover because I own a Space NK loyalty card and for your birthday you get a little sample gift bag with a free makeover with a glass of champagne, so why not!

Unfortunately my makeover didn't include the Baume de Rose, but I wanted to buy it anyway, the original that is, but I saw that they also do 4 other tinted shades in the same formula, and seeing as its coming to autumn winter I swayed against my usual pink toned lip product and went for a warm toffee/caramel colour.

This shade is called 'Toffee Cream', its a beautiful warm orange, red toned lip balm.
Because its a balm the colour is slightly tinted 'infused with long-wear pigments' so it doesn't actually look as dark as the product.
When I use this product I usually line my lips with MAC Soar (which is slightly pink toned) this suits  and enhances my natural lip tone, as I do suit pink undertones better on my lips then I layer the Toffee colour balm on top and I absolutely love it!
Using a lip liner just defines the lip shape a lot better than it would just using the balm with my fingers.

The texture of this balm is slightly sticky on the fingers but glides on the lips feeling quite thick but smooth. It really feels as it conditions the lips and adds a lot of moisture to keep it going throughout the day.
I also find that it does make my lips look plumped and voluptuous more than an ordinary lip balm would do.

The packaging is a lovely rose pink box, with silver detailing, along with the thick glass jar pots, the perfect size to easily apply with your fingers and look pretty in your bags.

Due to the rose ingredients it does help repair and condition the lips as well as  encourage cellular generation (now i know why them look plumped and healthy)
The ingredients contain Rose Flower Essential wax, Pastel oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.
The original is a multi-purpose balm which can be used as a nourishing treatment wherever you need it, so it is a must have in may women handbags and beauty drawers.

By Terry Baume De Rose retail online, and in unique retailers at £35.50.
They also stock a full range of other skincare products within 'Baume De Rose'

It sure is my go to right now, and it had to be my product of the week!

Have you tried the By Terry ranges?
Maybe this is the balm for you!

Love Sophie xxx
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