Wednesday, 3 December 2014

REVIEW: Nars Lipgloss

The one brand I have always been missing out on, for my big make-up kit was Nars!
Everytime I went I didn't know where to start, what I needed or what was a good product. I did my research and there was a few I narrowed it down to, so I still have a list for what I want next.

My first 2 purchases were the original Lipglosses in 'Turkish Delight' and a Multiple Stick in 'South Beach' (I will soon do a review on my multiple stick)
This gloss is highly known for it to be Kim Kardashians go to Lipgloss. 'Turkish Delight' is a Sherbert Pink shade. I mainly use this over a nude/pink lip crayon which is perfect for giving an extra dimention. I didn't think this shade was highly pigmented enough for me as I love a bold colour on my lip. I would use this without a base colour though as its has a sheer candy pink look when applied on its own. Perfect for those who love a more natural lip and it is also enriched with Vitamin C.

Obviously there are tons of shades to go and buy but I do not regret buying this one. 
I just LOVE the feel and finish that these glosses give on the lips. 
Ive never been a big lipgloss fan for a good few years now as I love my lipsticks. Just because I hate the sticky, tacky feeling that they give on my lips especially on an everyday basis and getting my hair sticking all over my face but with this gloss I do NOT have this problem. I need every colour in this product. It feels like satin on the lips, luxurious creamy formula which glides on evenly and stays put for hours so when I top up I still don't have that sticky feeling on my lips which in my opinion makes these the best glosses I have ever brought.
The gloss goes on with a medium thickness so it is build able especially for the pigment when you want more.

I would highly recommend these glosses as my go to product so I say go out and treat yourself to one.
£18.50 may be a little pricey for a gloss but if it's the glossy look you love or you want to find a non-sticky gloss then it needs to be done.

Sophie x
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