Wednesday, 31 October 2018

REVIEW: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Wow, Ive missed my blogging!
Ive been so busy with Summer weddings that my time has really been taken up, and I haven't really had a day to just blog for you all.
Plus I could really do with knowing what blogs you want to read… (please comment below if you want anything in particular)
I know you all love my Blog Review on Beauty Products, so why not do my comeback with my Autumn Foundation switch up!

When I say 'autumn switch up' I literally mean, my foundations change each season.
My latest Autumn Makeup Bag Revamp is available to download for free, so if you want to learn how to change up your regular products, give it a download and follow the steps.

My Autumn foundation is of course Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
The shade I am using is 'Fiji'
This is a foundation that I have previously used and right now im back finishing the bottle.
Autumn is a time of year where my holiday tan starts to fade, so for one, im looking paler and two its a great season to listen to my skin as it tends to dry up a little, but also give me a lovely breakout.
Season changes can cause breakouts, this is completely normal for women, as our hormones are changing and our bodies/skin is adapting to the weather and time change.
Crazy, but uncontrollable.
So the best way to listen to your skin is to change it up!

I went back to my Nars Sheer Glow, as I did want more coverage with my foundation, to hide any breakouts that I have.
This foundation is great, as it is buildable coverage.
I can get a lovely even coverage using my stippling brush then using my beauty blender to add that extra layer or coverage. I find this is the best way to use this formula.

Another reason I chose this foundation was because it has a natural glow, which is not too dewy and radiant. It gives a light reflecting formula, which works with your skin type rather than it being mixed with highlighter.

The autumn/winter trend is Matte Skin, but right now my skin is wanting moisture to even out my skin type so a fresh glow foundation is perfect for me right now.
Although I have been setting it with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to give it a more matte finish but mainly to last me through a long working day.

Although I am setting with powder, I don't find I need to do this because the foundation doesn't stay.
I could easily not use a powder and it will still last a full day, but just keep that more dewy finish.

The texture is beautifully light weight to apply, keeps my skin hydrated and glides smoothly with my application process.
Another great thing about Nars Sheer Glow is that each day you use the foundation it naturally boosts  the skins brightness and texture to achieve that natural even finish in the long run.

I love that Nars targets their ingredients within their foundations;
Sheer Glow's ingredients contain
Glycerin - Holds skins moisture and prevents drying.
Vitamin C - To help even and brighten the skin
Tumeric - A herb extract to help skins radiance and skin tone

Do you change your foundations regularly?
Whats your Autumn Foundation right now?

Love Sophie x

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