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REVIEW: MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oils

I am so excited about the new Facial Oil trend that has hit the beauty world ready for spring 2017!
2016 was all about Glowing skin, mainly using radiant primers and highlighters but this year it's focusing on our natural radiance from the true shapes of our faces.
Anything glowing, highlighting or dewy looks hits from a light onto our faces and brings out the high points in our facial bone structure.
Natural all the way!

One of the first oils I found hit the market with such popular reviews was of course MAC's Prep and Primer range of Essential oils in different scents, and they do smell to die for!
I brought 'Yuzu' which is a really oriental warm but floral smell.
The other types are:
- Sweet Orange and Lavender
- Grapefruit and Camomile
I wanted to go for a scent which pretty much everyone will love as I don't want one being to sweet or strong for my clients plus I'm not a huge fan of Lavender although it did not smell too bad.

These oils are said to leave the skin 'feeling energised and moisturised with a healthy glow'.

There are many ways of using oils, my favourite is mixing your oils with your daily moisturiser before you apply your makeup (Leave skincare to develop for around 10mins before makeup)
By doing this you are inputing extra nourishment and natural oils into the skin by mixing with your moisturiser and not getting that oily look.
This is amazing for all skin types.

Another way which I saw this oil was great for was mixing with iridescent pigments to created liquid highlighters!!
Dominic Skinner a senior MAC artist (a guru!) Revealed this amazing technique on Instagram which pretty much made me buy this oil!
(I can't find his exact photo but here is one similar to what it can do)
I want to inject my whole oil into this…
So I will be making some separate pots and trying this method :D

You can literally use facial oils and mix them with anything, eyes, cheeks, lips? Basically a non-sticky gloss effect which you can't beat!

BUT, The way which I wanted to experiment this MAC oil with was to mix this with my foundation to give a more dewy and radiant look in my skin by sitting on the top of my makeup instead of dissolving with my moisturiser.
Although I didn't find this oil was much suited to this direction.
I found that it gave my foundation less coverage and left brush streaks on my skin which i needed to blend with a beauty blender which kind of lost the radiance about the oil.
So some oils may be better than others.
I did find an oil which was perfect for all the uses I wanted…
Maelle Skin Therapy Facial Oil!
It was so easy to use and blend. If you were interested in ordering this product follow this LINK
The Maelle oil is a MUST for you beauty bags!

You know what to do…
Get yourself a Facial oil for your makeup bags this Spring/Summer and get experimenting.
I'd love to know what you try…

Also find out WHY you need to invest in the new Facial Oils (more in-depth)
From last weeks blog post - HERE

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