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Makeup Discoveries and Bestsellers in Australia

As you may have noticed, I have being living it up on my travels, I started in Dubai, flew to Sydney, stayed  around the east coast of Australia for a few weeks and ended my travels in Singapore for a couple nights.

I have honestly have the trip of a lifetime, and I didn't expect to be doing this all so soon.

So I wanted to share with you the makeup brands I have discovered and the products thats are Australias best sellers.
They really are Makeup lovers over here, there are many popular makeup/beauty vloggers and talents makeup artists on the makeup counters.
Sephora and Mecca are their most popular department stores that sell a TON of makeup and brands that are greatly known around the world, and ones that are Australias own brands.
And thank god I got to paint a few faces whist over there too!

First off I came across Australian made Skincare brands which have fresh products and ingredients that are grown and created in the AU, I saw this shop in a little shopping town hidden amongst the clothing shops, I could tell straight away that this would be a fresh skincare brand so of course I needed to take a look.
This really interested me, as I LOVE natural skincare products that are freshly made and work naturally instead of filled with synthetic products.
One of these shops was Savant Apothecary. I met Kylie, the creator in the shop, she created all the products from scratch as well as mixing the products in store AND creating the labels for her bottles.
Amazing and inspiring!!
She uses pure oils and ingredients within her products, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin as well as what and where each mixture will be targeted.

Since being in Australia, I knew Sephora was in many places, so this meant a shopping spree for me!
But I also discovered Mecca which is another department store that i had never heard of.
These were of course the 2 places that I treated my lovely credit card to ;)
My Sephora purchases were;
HUDA Beauty Lip Strobe
Fenty Beauty 'Gloss Bomb' and
Fenty Beauty KillsWatt Highlighter
Sephora Charcoal Micellar Cleansing Water  (I needed to try the Charcoal skin hype)
My Mecca purchases were;
Mecca Max - The Illuminati Metallic Liner
Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Blush in 'Incandescent Electra'
Hourglass - Confession Refillable Lipstick Set includes shades 'My One Desire', 'True Love Means' & 'You Are My'

Then i went back again to Mecca and brought more…
Too Faced - Lip Injection 
Stila - Glitter and Glow Sticks
and a couple of skincare samples that i am still yet to try (once i have tested and trialed my back log of Powder beauty boxes)

I also came across another australian brand called Napolion Perdis, which kind of reminds me what No.7 is in the UK, but the products are a lot more fashion forward.
These were very much in every beauty pharmacy and pop ups around the centres.
I got myself a lip gloss from their range as this was the exact colour that I had been looking for…
a Coral/Pink pigmented gloss.

But overall I got chance to discover, play and try out more of the brands that I cant always get my hands on in Derby…
These brands are literally Australias bestsellers when it comes to make brands;
Too Faced
Kat Von D
Sephora (own collection)
Mario Badescu

These brands are of course available to us all over the globe pretty much, but as each country has a top selling brand they were pretty much the brands that Australia were obsessing with right now.
They were also massive fans of YouTube and watching their local makeup artists online, from hauls to tutorials they were dedicated fans.
It was also great to discover more closely about their online makeup influences like;
Chloe Morello
Shani Grimmond
Kasey Rayton
Erin Scott
Sammy Robinson
Lauren Curtis
Dani Ransutti
Michael Finch

Honestly these makeup lovers are great over on youtube, its honestly brought back my youtube love.

So for most of my time I was located in Newcastle, NSW Australia, which is where i saw and experienced these places, if any of you were wanting to go ;)
I really loved Newcastle, even though this wouldn't be a travelling location its a great place to visit if you miss the everyday lifestyle.

I shall be doing individual blog reviews on some of my products buys - listed above.
Please let me know if you want any particular products reviewing, and i shall put the first!

Now im back to reality, back to work, but LOVING my job!
If you have any questions or enquiries regarding my services please contact me on

Love Sophie xxx

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