Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Do you own your true Beauty?

Its a WOMAN WORLD in this day an age.
No more housewives, cleaning and cooking for our family, we are now Women of the World and Girl Bosses killing it everywhere!

But does this effect our appearance?
The pressure to live up to being and looking a certain way?

Ask your self these questions…
Do I dress for MYSELF every morning?
Do I wake up excited for what MY day holds?
Do I feel like ME?

If your answers were no, you need to cut one day a week out of your diary and spend that day doing YOU!
Book that spa day.
Go get them shoes you've had your eye on.
Treat yourself to that premium foundation

Its time we focussed on ourselves more.
Made more time for something we enjoy doing, or just get a thrill out of something so simple but is just always getting put aside.

Try and make it into a daily routine, such as getting up 10 mins earlier to do your makeup to make you feel and look amazing
Or one a month where you deserve to spend an extra £10 on your mascara.

Its a sad that times have changed and we think about others more than ourselves, I'm even going to go there and say; we have a lack of confidence when it comes to our own beauty.

Did you know that when we focus on ourselves and make time to do something YOU love, this makes everything around your 10x happier and easier when your ora is up high in the sky!
So next time you're sacrificing some alone time, consider that if your down, everyone else feels your emotions.

I find all of this spreads out to our beauty confidence and the way us women go about our days feeling low because we were too tired to get up and pamper ourselves that morning, or grab that killer work outfit that makes you look like a boss!
We need to own our uniqueness EVERYDAY!

I feel very lucky in my job that I have the ability to make my clients feel and look AMAZING because I focus on what suits them!
Have you ever considered if you daily makeup application/look is actually bringing out and enchanting you natural beauty?
Or are you one of those women who apply their makeup because they've seen it or read it somewhere that it 'helps make your cheekbones pop?'
I hear this all the time…  my clients watching YouTube videos - this does not enhance your true beauty in any type of way!
Each woman is UNIQUE, DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL in 101 ways, and no one is the same.

Its time to identify your;
Face Shape
Skin Tone/Undertone
Skin Type
Eye Shape
Eye Colour
Colour Palette to Use/Avoid
Features you LOVE

All this you can study and research but best of all you can fast track your Personalised Beauty with my 'Know Your Own Face' 1-1 Makeup Lesson.
This identifies all of the above
Teaches you how to apply products from Skincare to Makeup
Discovers what products that would be perfect in your Beauty Bags
and a Full Step-by Step lesson on the full look.

My main message in regards to my business is to 'ENHANCE AND COMPLIMENT YOU NATURAL BEAUTY' and I stand by that through and through.
I only want you to focus on you, become confident and be happy.

Now spend the rest of your day thinking about this message and how its TIME to be YOU!!

Love Sophie xx


Monday, 4 February 2019

Why is my Eye Colour important to my Makeup Look?

A makeup artists secret to enhancing your eyes and personal features.
We don't all want to look like a celebrity clone! Nor do we want to copy our friends makeup look, just because it looks great on her…
Because it won't suit you!

We are all unique and individual for a reason. We all know our personalities reflect this and our genes are what makes us different. So why do we want to blend into the background?
We can be 'inspired' by other and put our own spin on fashion and trends. All by making our inspiration more personalised to you!

(We can get blown away by the amount of Eye Makeup Palettes available on the market)

Assess your personal features, likes and changes by considering our uniqueness.
Which is why I wanted to dedicate a blog post to 'why your eye colour is important to your makeup look'.
Our eye colour can enhance our facial shape, and make our features pop in such a simple way, we just need to remember to think about OURSELVES before what everyone else is doing/looking like.

Self-care is getting bigger and bigger as the months and years go by, and everyone is now telling us to put ourselves first to make you happy, then happiness for everyone around us will happen naturally.
All makes perfect sense to me, so its time to assess your beauty and create the personalised, complimentary look for you and your future makeup looks.

(Im going to take you back to primary school lessons…) - THE COLOUR WHEEL

Your eye colour is complimentary with opposites - Got green eyes, go for pinks etc.
Using the correct shades with our eye colour will

  • Brighten the eye area, giving more radiance and glow to our happy, talking eyes on a daily basis.
  • Will make you look more healthy and alert
  • Create a more glowing, refreshed look to your skin 
  • Makes your eye colour pop - and people will compliment your eye colour more (I bet you!)
  • Also make you eyes appear more open and bigger.

Now why wouldn't you want to use the RIGHT makeup shades on your eyes?
Your eyes do the talking when it comes to your feelings and thoughts…
'You look knackered today'
'Are you unwell' 
'Are you coming down with something'
'You need a day off'

None of these are compliments, so don't let people think that just from looking at your eyes - maybe the shades you are currently using are really giving a flat, dull colour to your makeup looks
Such as Greys can really dull your radiance.
Avoiding certain shades that do not work with your eye colour is very important to know too, as many shades can really wash you out if its not enhancing certain areas or tones.

So such little effort can completely change the way your face looks and talks to other people.
From your physical appearance to the emotions talking in your face and eyes.

Now its time to discover the colours and tones that you NEED in your makeup bags and which colours you need to avoid and bin in your makeup bags.
I promise you will feel and look on top of the confidence world when you make these changes.

I have created a full, descriptive guide for each eye colour…
For just £6 (RRP:£10)
Download your Eye Colour Guide and find out what colours you should use and avoid when it comes to your makeup
AND find out where to apply these shades when it comes to putting on and using these products everyday.
Follow my guide and your eye colour will pop like never before ✨✨

The most important thing is… Your eye colour never changes, so this knowledge and lesson will last you a lifetime.
You will forever know what makeup colours to invest your money in when it comes to makeup shopping, and how to enhance your full look for the rest of your life.
Thats why personalised services are worth your time and pennies.

Let 2019 by the year to ENHANCE your Beauty, and learn what it right for YOU!

Love Sophie xxx

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