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Bridal Trends - SPRING 2016

2016 will be here in no time!

Its time to know the Spring 2016 trends so you can look stylish on your big day!
Of course ill start with the makeup trends, what other reason would you be sitting reading this ;)

First off we have the 'No Makeup Makeup' this look is of course your natural especially for you brides to be who don't wear any makeup on a day to day basis, maybe a little mascara and blush is as far as you will go, so i wouldn't push you to go all OTT on your big day, you don't want to look like a complete different person but the main thing to focus on would be your skin, you want to look flawless with that even skin tone and dark circles banished.
Luckily I offer HD Airbrushing which would be perfect for this look as theres nothing better than this product to give this trend effect.
Monique Lhuillier went Grecian with this trend.

Ombre Crimson Lip
Ombre is a faded lip from the outer, inwards. This kicked of big in the makeup world but not everyone was daring to wear this on an every day basis but now this has become a wedding trends it shows that everyone can pull it off. 
This look would work by a lipliner 1 shade darker that your lipstick then can be blended in with a gloss if you wanted it softened as it can easily look natural and will make your lips look fuller ready to pucker up at the alter.
'Crimson' is all about there reds to purples, if you love a bold lip get them bold colours out and go minimal everywhere else, if not so soft berry shade would be perfect for everyone to get that pop of colour. I will match you up with the correct shade so this complements your skin tone.
(There is a trick to this)
Badgley Mischka and Reem Acra brought this look to the bridal show, along with the Bobbi Brown Makeup team. 

Winged Liner 
I don't think this will ever go out of fashion for many years to come, winged liner can define an eye shape and even give a lift to those who want a more awakened look.
Winged liner doesn't scream Amy Winehouse no more. Its an elegant touch to lots of brides out there who just want a slight change for their big day. 
Don't only go for black, we can go browns for a more natural look or a deep purple which is an amazing shade for a mature bride!
Ines Di Santo was the key to this trend.

Rosy Cheeks
One beauty product that needs that extra application on for your wedding photos as blusher can easily fade away on photos, I'm not talking about 'coco the clown' cheeks just a soft rosy pink or coral layered a few times to at least show up on your photos and also gives you that perky fresh look.

Purple/Marroon Eyes
So i would say that this trend is going to be the main one for Spring 2016!! all you brides should incorporate the colour purple on your wedding day makeup. Easiest way would be a purple waterline, this changed that boring black to give a better dimension which will open up the eye area more, or like mentioned before use purple to wing it.
Theia models wore a fuchsia/purple shades under there eyes this show and teamed with a highlight on the inner corners.
Carolina Herrera also rocked these shades at their show!


White Liner
Not only do we have purple but white was a bold colour on the catwalk this bride season, we saw a lot of white waterlines and even white flicks. White is the best colour to give that wide open eye effect, it lightens the area and makes your eyes become more awake and gleaming.
If Marchesa did it, You can do it!

Flushed Coral Pout
This is a trend that has carried on from Winter 2015 brides, its just a go to shade that easily matched everyones skin tone which looks fresh and clean and also leaves you to play with more colours on the eyes.
Jenny Packham shows always nail this look!

70's Smokey
So on the highstreet right now 70's is everywhere, from fringing to tan colours every shop has it, but its been brought to the brides for 2016 and what better than to get them warm smokey eyes back, using golds, bronzes and brows to give out them warm shades.
Galia Lahav took us back to the 70's this season.

Ok, these are the colours that scream No to everyone on the eyes, none of us want sore looking eyes on their big day but you don't know the way to get this right... Certain shades match certain skin tones so i would match you up with the correct colours to complement your skin, these colours can looks hugely effective on the eyes and can make your eyes pop by it still looking natural.
I would give this a go on your trial ladies, you won't be disappointed.
The Lela Rose show incorporated this by using it on the eyes, lips and cheeks and finishing it off with a fresh dewy highlight.

Metallic/Wet Look
A trend that always been Couture and High Fashion. But a glossy or metallic eye can look really effective and futuristic. Team this with a flushed coral pout and you will be screaming 'Bobbi Brown did this look'


Friday, 16 October 2015

Wedding Trends 2016

Now you've all seen the Make-up trends for Spring 2016 i couldn't help but put a little post together on the Wedding Dress trends, they just caught my eye so much as they're are some stunning designs and ideas that you might want to cooperate in your choice of wedding dress.

So to list a few of the main ones we have:

- Appliques (Lace, Floral & Embellished)
(Christos Costarellos) 

- Lace (Sleeves only & Dresses)

- Cap Sleeves
(Victoria Kyriakides)

- Plunge Necklines
(Ines Di Santo) 

- Keyhole Necklines
(Blush by Hayley Paige) 

- Feathers
(Isabelle Armstrong) 

- Tulle/Tiered Over Skirts
(Jenny Lee)

- Mermaid Dresses
(Rivini by Rita Vinieris) 

- A-Line Dresses
(Alvina Valenta) 

- Peplum (Short) Style
(Oscar de la Renta) 

- Belts
(Victoria Kyriakides)

- Sheer Skirts

- Wave Detail
(Rivini by Rita Vinieris) 

- Thigh High Slits
(Victoria Kyriakides)

There are tons of different style trends this season as usual, but there is a style for everyone so the more trends the better for yourself.
A lot of the trends were corporated into one which made me fall in love with them all. I honestly don't know myself what trend that I would choose.

Hope this gave you some inspiration for the choice of your dress, or maybe you have realised that your dress will be bang on trend :D

Sophie xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

REVIEW: YSL Volupte Tint-In Oil

Oil not Gloss!!

For those of you that hate sticky glosses but love the high glossy shine then this product needs to go on your 'to buy' list.
This product is full of 5 nourishing precious oils including Apricot Kernel, Jojoba Seed and Passion Flower Oil. With all of these ingredients it will guarantee to leave your lips feeling hydrated and moisturised to banish those dry lips especially with winter coming. Chapped lips is a no go!
Not forgetting the plumping effect it also gives the lips.

The formula is extremely light weight so it doesn't feel to thick on the lips as well as the oil having a soft tint which comes in 8 various shades from rose to oranges.
I brought number 4 (I rose you) which is a soft rose shade, i do use mine over the top of lipsticks to give that glossy shine look but when used alone it boosts the natural lip colour with a pretty tint.
If your not fussed on a coloured tint then number 2 (oh my gold) is a perfect shade as it is a clear with the hint of gold to enhance the shine and give definition.

With all YSL lipglosses/oils they have the perfect shape wand applicator to apply easily on the lips as it is shaped for your lips to sit in.

At the price of £23.50 i know you are expecting it to work wonders, and there is nothing to let you down on that statement either. It really does do everything it says, trust me and give it a try yourself.

Sophie x

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