Monday, 22 August 2016

REVIEW: Pure Avocado oil

Welcome back to another review this week, on the amazing top superfood... AVOCADO'S

Last week you may have noticed that I began testing out a new skincare product, which was pure Avocado oil.
I brought this whilst I was on holiday in Corfu, they had over 20 bottles of pure oils (I will list all the available oils at the end of this post) but this one caught my eye the most, especially as on the back it read 'Nourishes the skin, increases elasticity and helps treat wrinkles and signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types but essential for dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

I decided to test this out for you all and give my honest thoughts and opinions.
So my skin in completely Normal, when I categorise it into a skin type. It could be paired with combination as I can go through patches with oiliness and dryness.
From previous skincare posts you may know that years ago I suffered with very oily skin but through the years and different skincare routines I have managed to completely improve on this area and now am in a great position with my skin. Yes you may think I'm lucky but you HAVE to be religious with your skincare routine. I honestly swear by it.


Friday, 12 August 2016

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

I thought this was a perfect time to blog about one of my favourite skincare products as summer is the time of year when you get sunburn or your children getting cuts and grazes from running around.
Well this is the product you need! It's like a doctor in a tube, I know!!!

I've always got this on hand but amazingly I brought Septemebers issue of 'Hello Fashion' magazine and noticed that if you subscribe for a year (just £12) you receive a full 50ml tube of 'eight hour cream' 
Seeing as I pretty much buy this magazine at £1.50 every month I may as well subscribe AND get this cream (worth £15) 


Sunday, 7 August 2016

My Summer Holiday Skincare Routine

The second edition to 'My Summer holiday' but today is all about ,y skincare routine and products which I used while I was in Corfu for 2 weeks.

Like I always say, your skin is the most important thing to getting flawless, stunning makeup.
For reasons which your skin needs certain ingredients, care and attention on a regular basis. 
I had a completely different beauty bag compared to my makeup kit this holiday, which of course I filled to my hearts content.
So today I will list and breifly describe each product in which order I used these.

First of, being on holiday in a hot country like Corfu, you NEED hydration and moisture products.
You may say, 'no, my skin is oily I don't want moisture' but no matter your skin type, in this humidity and heat your skin needs it! 


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My Summer Holiday Makeup Collection

I think I take longer deciding on what makeup products to pack rather than what outfits I'm taking.

With me going to Corfu for 2 weeks I knew I needed radiant skin and striking eyes (more than lips was my mood) so after I while stripping my makeup kit to pieces I decided to take at least a universal eyeshadow palette then a mix of new and old products.

I love mixing up my makeup routine when I go away. It makes me use my old products and any new buys that I have lately purchased for reasons that it lets me try them in different ways and gives me limited choice on what I can use so I know I will create looks that I may never have thought of.

So if your going on holiday why not try packing some old makeup products that you've thrown to the side for a while or just totally forgot about. It makes you re-love these products all over again, trust me.

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