Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Save your Pumpkin for your Face!

An odd and unexpected blog post, I bet you're thinking.
Today is the day we make everything scary, dark and spooky, especially for the kids but you have a sneaky love for it too. I sure do!
Many of you may have celebrated halloween last weekend with dressing up, partying and drinking. Its a good enough reason too.

Today I wanted to make some logic sense in other ways to use Halloween to our advantage…
You carved them pumpkins? Started to make home-made winter soups, now let me teach you about using Pumpkin on your skin.

Pumpkin is a vegetable, and a natural plant based food which of course makes this completely natural and reaping with benefits for our health.
First of all eating this vegetable is good for our bodies as it hold plenty of nutrients, filled full of Vitamin A, C and E, contains antioxidants and minerals just like lots of other vegetables. But this is for sure a seasonal vegetable that we need to take advantage of. 
This bright, big and cheerful vegetable also helps the bodies;
- Immune System
- Asthma Suffers
- Heart Disease 
- Stress/Depression
and many other health issues 
(This does not cure! It can help towards, so every little counts)
Look at this beautiful Pumpkin and Lentil Salad - I even saw Pumpkin Hummus!!!

Now on the the fun part!
Start using PUMPKIN on the FACE!
Its great for all skin types and helps with many skin issues such as acne(from the zinc), dry skin(from the fatty-acids), sensitive skin, dark spots and anti-ageing.
Pumpkin also smoothes and brightens the skin naturally 

These are all home-remedies that are natural and can be used with products already in your home cupboards…

Oily Skin =
Pumpkin Puree and Apple Cider Vinegar together will help balance out the pH levels of your skin to control the oils and treat the production of your oily skin 
Just apply to a damp face, leave to dry then rinse off with warm water - followed with your skincare routine.

Dry Skin =
Pumpkin Puree, Honey and Milk Let this mixture nourish and condition your skin leaving those dry areas hydrated - follow with your skincare routine 

Dark Spots = 
To help fade the pigmentation in your Dark Spots use Pumpkin Puree, Honey, Lemon and Vitamin E oil together, apply on the areas and leave for 30 minutes then wash off with warm water - followed by your skincare routine.

Body Mask = 
Want to go the extra mile and cover your body in pumpkin? Why not… Pumpkin Puree, Coconut oil and Cinnamon will mask your body into a refreshed and relaxed state, taking in all of the skincare benefits for around 10 minutes then just wash off with warm water.
(and add some SUGAR for a scrub)

Dry Lips or Cracked Feet =
Mix the Pumpkin Puree and Vaseline together for a nourishing treatment (Pop socks on for a deeper mask)

Don't always rely on going out to the shops and buying creams after creams for certain issues for the skin, natural ingredients are the best you can get (which is why I make sure my skincare is all natural ingredients) and home-remides make it extra special with the care and treatment you put into your skin to nourish and care for you face and body.
Want to Pumpkin Skincare treats, Message me for discounted Body Shop 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Skincare  

Enjoy your Pumpkins this Halloween and make use of them with skincare and food recipes!
Happy Halloween 

Sophie xxx

Monday, 16 October 2017

Powder Beauty Box - September 2017

Finally getting round to sharing my review on last months Powder box, which I spent the full month trialling the products for you and of course I am currently testing out the October box as we speak.

September seems like a new beginning for some of us, we start new things, its a new term for the kids and its a fresh season with autumn approaching.

Theres a great variety again in the September box, from makeup, removers, tanning, hair products and nails, and it really was coconut inspired!
I will say… one product scared me, one surprised me and the rest were just gorg' anyway!

Heres the 8 goodies this box contained…

1 - St Tropez Express Face Sheet Mask

This is the product that scared me… so I can get pretty pale when my holiday tan wears of, don't get my wrong I tan so easily and love the golden bronze look that I get but come winter and I'm back to a ghost, so I knew that my body needed to be a decent colour for me to first experiment this with.
I was using the Dove gradual tan in dark, to warm my skin up more slowly than just whacking on the fake tan, and once the colour came through i tested this mask out…
This is a REALLY easy-to-use sheet mask which is really thin fabric that easily sits on the face.
Depending on the tan you are wanting to achieve their are 3 levels of colour that you can choose from, which all depends on how long you leave the sheet mask on your face for.

For me I did the light effect which was a quick 10 mins.
Apply this onto your skin after you have cleansed so that your skin benefits from the ingredients and helps the finish to be more even.
The next day my face tan actually looked really natural and bronzed giving me that healthy look, and I wouldn't be afraid to leave it on longer actually.
Another AMAZING part to this sheet mask is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is known to get your skin super hydrated which I love!

2 - Seacret Spa Makeup Removal Wipes

You all know I'm against makeup wipes and recommend everyone to have a proper skincare routine using products that are right for your skin type, so using makeup wipes really tested me!
These wipes are infused with dead sea minerals like zinc and calcium that do fight off acne breakouts and keep the skin clear.

I adapted to removing my makeup with these and I actually loved the texture and feeling of removing my makeup with such a soft silky wipe that actually made my skin feel refreshed and protected, I really did feel the ingredients adapt onto my skin compared to normal makeup wipes leaving my skin dry in the past.
You get 25 wipes in the pack and you literally only need one! It took my makeup off really quickly but did leave my skin looking a little red, but i think this is normal for all wipes as you  are agitating the skin from wiping back and forth.
I really did like these wipes and I would recommend them to people who HAVE to use makeup wipes as they moan about cleansers… But after a week i did get a few blemishes appear, Im not sure if i can direct this at these wipes as my skin did feel really good but sometimes a change of products can cause people to breakout so I recon that was my problem.
The Powder tip that the beauty box gives is the pop these in the fridge for mornings when you need a wake up call, i love this idea!
So of course I also tested these out in the morning to clean and refresh my skin before makeup… I actually wouldn't recommend this, I think the wipes contain that much ingredients that my makeup didnt sit on my skin like normal and felt like it was gliding all over. So if you invest in these, stick to just removing makeup.

3 - Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black 

I actually already have this eyeliner and its one I always recommend, so an easy review for this liquid liner. Its a pen form liner which is so easy to apply, its like a mini pen so great on travels or on the go, but you will NEVER need to top this up, this liner is 24/7 trust me! As well as being budge proof.
The tip is a fine felt tip so you can do really thin liner and create them as thick and bold as you like.
Also never dries up, Love it.

4 - Magnitone London Wipe Out: The Amazing Microfibre Cleansing Cloth

This product was my 'surprised' reaction. When I read this and it said 'All you need is water' I thought eww! my skin is going to feel horrid. I love a foamy cleanser and a remover which actually makes my skin feel cleansed.
This cloth is for removing your full face of makeup with just water… everyones dream right?
Well it worked! My makeup came of from just wiping my face with this cloth, I was amazed, but because i was just using water my skin didnt feel cleansed but on the important side it took my makeup off and my eye makeup included, Mascara YES!
Its great that this cloth is so gentle on the skin with it being microfibre so its a win win.
The only downside is that the cloth literally needs to go in the washing machine after, especially when you see all you makeup and black mascara on the beautiful pink cloth haha.

5 - Lee Stafford Coco Loco Light Serum Spray

Im dubious of any coconut sprays and I already have a current love with my Revlon 10 in 1 Spray, which I use overtime I was my hair.
So yes I swapped this for you… I used this for a good week, so around 3 hair washed days.

This serum is a light-weight spray, so basically a oily serum in a spray bottle so that it doesn't way your hair down from the oils and leaves your hair non-greasy whilst also smelling like coconuts and holiday inspired Pina Coladas.
Yes I loved the smell but for me this wasn't intense enough for my hair… I have very thick hair and lots of it, with it also being blonde I like it to feel smooth and conditioned and this didnt feel like it did much, but for those with finer hair who can't use too much product on it without it getting to greasy then i would recommend for you.

6 - Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo with Vitamin E

Lately I'm all about natural hair products for washes that do not contain any of the bad stuff, and since converting to these products I can really tell a difference when i use cheap or high street shampoos.
So when I saw this Palmers was all natural then I was excited to try and I new it wouldn't dry my hair out.
At first it took a while to froth up, which I feel that if my shampoo doesn't do this, my hair doesn't feel clean and washed, so i did have to use a lot of the product for it to get creamy and bubbly.
But this shampoo smelled AMAZING, coconut again of course and it made my hair feel really healthy and nourished.
This shampoo, aside from coconut oil does also contain keratin which is proven to help soften and lock in moisture to prevent frizz, and it sure did what is says on the bottle.
Im still using this now, and these sizes were perfect for my to take away on holiday last week.

7 - Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner with Vitamin E 

And the matching Conditioner… Of course gets the same review, and i loved this completely, i comb through my hair when i apply conditioner in the shower so this made my hair feel so smooth.
This conditioner is said to give your hair that glossy shine and help repair heat damage.
It sure again hit the point with the finish of my healthy looking locks.

8 - Nails Inc Nail Polish in 'Uptown'

Last but not least another Nails Inc polish. To be honest with you I'm not a fan of nail polishes on my hands, I feel like they chip off no matter what and I get a french Gel Polish on my toes.
But I did try this out, its a beautiful autumn warm pink shade which is perfect for this season and would go with everything.
The brush is also a great shape for all nails because i hate those thin floppy cheap brushes on nail polishes where as this one is a wide oval shape which applies really easily.

What a box I got for September, good right?
I also got 3 discounts/offers to use up until the new year from a few of the brands… Seacret, Magnitone and Eyeko.

What did you think to these products?
Are you interested in trying any of these out?

Well I'm not in the middle of testing the October Box and again i excited to tell you about the products I have this month…

Catch my next review on the first week of November

Love Sophie xx

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