Thursday, 28 December 2017

Day 21-25 Beauty Advent Overall Review

We made it to the BIG DAY!!
Christmas day didnt half fly round, maybe it because im not a child any more? Or maybe opening all these beauty goodies kept me going?

Im afraid I wasn't going to do this review on Christmas Day… Which is why I thought id wait until the celebrations are over - or at least that bit in the middle of Christmas and New Year when we don't know what day, time or date it is? Do you agree?

Im still in holiday mode, but if we all get back into it a little now then January won't seem so much of a black hole!
Although im so excited for wheat a new year brings, and first of myself and Grace (hairstylist) are bringing a 'Revitalising Hair and Makeup Masterclass' on the 28th January - showcasing step by step looks that can help bring you a new look to 2018 - start fresh learn new things.
See our event here -
Tickets are available now.

Anyway, back to what you came here for…
Hers my final product reviews form the advent calendar, then at the end I have told you my TOP favourite products from the past 25 days, for which i WILL be buying again!

Day 21- Balance Me - Rose Otto Facial Oil
You know im a sucker for oil, especially in the summer I was. But many people are scared to put oils into the skin, thinking it will make them oily, that is NOT the case - it balances out the natural oils, one the skin has been cleansed of all the oils produced throughout the night and day, an oil product then gets applied to clean skin and balances out the skin, inputting the correct oils for the skin to feed off.
Does that make it sound less scary?
Well this Balance Me one is a range of skincare which is directed at more sensitive skin, so people that cant play about with too much product. They can become red or become irritant to too many products on the skin at once.
I thought this was a perfect oil for those that don't want to 'feel' like their skin has oil on it, or those that are sensitive and oily normally.
For me i like to feel the product and it be very nourishing but it's definitely personal preference and not in my bad books.

Day 22 - M&S Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer
This primer sure did what it said on the tube. It really was hydrating but it felt just like a moisturiser to me, not so much a primer, even when it settled into this skin. Nice for those that have dry patches when they apply makeup!

Day 23 - M&S Formula Ultimate Sleeping Cream
I actually got this in last years advent. I liked it last year, but this year, they MUST have changed the formula because i loved it!!
The smell was sweet like raspberries when i applied it as night time, it was so nourishing and in the morning my skin looked radiant and fresh!
They describe this 'looks like you've had 8 hours sleep, even when you haven't' Haha! I can say that this sure gave me that look.

Day 24 - PUR Correcting and Illuminating Primer
Christmas Eve, I don't think i got ready… So i didn't use this until Christmas Day, but when i did, i thought it was great! It was a 'skin colour' shade which must have been the correcting side of it, and the radiance was beautiful as soon as it was applied on the skin.
My makeup looks glowing and even too! So I think i looked good enough on Christmas Day thanks to this.

Day 25 - 'My Favourite Things…' Beauty Bag
The big window at the top of all the countdown houses just looked exciting!
But i was disappointed… I don't think I will be using this, but I guess its a handy little makeup bag to throw in your handbags or to travel with.
Plus the design was Christmassy cute, but you could get away with using this all year round.

Heres my makeup look from Christmas Day - I pretty much wore a Big Red Lip all week!

Now heres the truth - 
The products I loved the most, and which i will buy in the future are;
- Rosie Amazing Radiance Body Glow - Day 1
- Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel - Day 5
- Eye Black Magic Mascara - Day 8
- M&S Formula Radiance Reveal Peel - Day 10
- Emma Hardie Morniga Cleansing Balm - Day 13
- Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion - Day 19
- M&S Formula Ultimate Sleeping Cream - Day 23
- PUR Correcting and Illuminating Primer - Day 24

I was not disappointed with this Beauty Advent overall, I think M&S do a great job with these products, great sizes and amazing choices from them.
I will sure be doing another countdown next year, let see who impresses me.

But first lets LIVE FOR 2018!
And make it your best yet.

Hopefully see you at the January Hair and Makeup Masterclass.

Love Sophie xx


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Day 16-20 Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

So many products, so little time - giving each product a period use of around 5 days is a major party of my life! Haha, making sure i'm testing out each product for you guys, especially these 5 days have been really interesting, as i do read reviews and application usage for each product so that I can take full advantage of them.
These products have been blowing my mind…

Day 16 - Percy & Reed Hairspray
I don't usually use any styling products on my hair when dry as i don't really have the hair style which needs hairspray, but i gave it a try to see how it set on my hair and it was a great hairspray, it lifted my hair when id sprayed in, disguised any fly aways, and easily brushed out without damaging my hair.

Day 17 - REN Instant Beauty Shot
Honestly, Ive never really been amazed with REN products, they scrape the barrel when it comes to natural ingredients which is the only benefit in my eyes, as i find the products very basic, but that can be good for sensitive skin types as you just want products to do enough.
The 'Instant Beauty Shot' really surprised me and i couldn't wait to find out what it was actually supposed to do - so when i researched I fount that it was a serum based product and is meant to really awaken and refresh the skin instantly! AND you can also pat this on your skin with your makeup on!!
I wasn't disappointed, I purposely wore this to the gym on the first day under my normal moisturiser to see if it really did make my skin look refreshed, it was great.

Day 18 - Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion
This one was another interesting product as when researched you should be using this body lotion twice a day for 4 weeks… Of course my sample size won't last 4 week but my gosh i felt an instant finish on my skin it was so smooth but i really didnt like the smell, it was very chemical - like you'd just had a piercing done - but only lasted about an hour then it fades.

Day 19 - Leighton Denny Nail Polish in 'Stardust'
As you all know im not a massive Nail Polish lover really, i tend to have to be in the mood or want to wear certain colours for occasions out.
Ive had lots of glitter and metallic shades in my beauty boxes over the month but with this one being silver AND Holographic I defo fell in love, although I would say the polish is quite grainy, so would need a base and a top coat for it to look smoother
Im going to have to whip this one out over the christmas period.

Day 20 - Pixi by Petra Lipgloss is 'Honey Sheen'
I gave this a try over the top of a Charlotte Tilbury rose pink shade lipstick so that it had a similar shade to the gloss.
What i loved was that the gloss had a more gold shimmer to it to other shimmery lip products, which kept the overall colour warmer, although it was quite sticky and didn't last very long, also the smell was menthol, mint scent, like some lip plumping ones Ive had in the past.

Now were onto the last 5 days!!
Christmas is nearly here.
I shall do my final review for you all on the 28th December filling you in with my final 5 products and what i thought out them.


Love Sophie x

Friday, 15 December 2017

Day 11-15 Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

This countdown is going so quick! Or is it just me…
Maybe i'm enjoying these products too much.

The past 5 days are still not disappointing, theres a great variety of products and they are doing 'as they say on the tin'
Heres my review on the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar days 11-15.

Day 11 - UltraSun Lip Protection SPF30
A lip protector doesn't have to be used just in the summer time (when we actually get sun that is) but SPF should actually be used everyday! Especially within your skincare routine. Sun rays get through all sorts of weather conditions, its where the day light comes from, which means sun exposure is present.
This lip protection is scent-free and feels light-weight and smooth on the lips. It would be good for anyone who hates lip products also, as you would never know its there.

Day 12 - Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold
I sure am a Alpha H Liquid Gold user, ever since I tried the original product in last years box, this years its rose gold, which is described to treat the skin and its pH balance such as the original but this one is targeting a more lightweight and hydrating usage.
I love applying this as an intense application at night, using a cotton pad.
This is great for more sensitive skin types as its not as strong as the Liquid Gold.

DAY 13 - Shay & Blue Fragrance 'Blood Orange' 
Shay & Blues fragrances are just so pure! They smell exactly as they say on the bottle (which is usually the scent of the fragrance) This one of course is Blood Orange, it actually reminds me of D&G Light Blue, as that had a really strong orange note, but this one is more sharp and intense.

Day 14 - Emma Hardie Morniga Cleansing Balm
This was in last years advent… ITS THE BEST!!
Literally need a 5pence size product on your finger tips and just massage over your 'makeup full' face and it just dissolves… Its soooo silky and feels too good to be true, it washes off easily and gets every last bit of makeup gone!
Its about time I invested in the full size.

Day 15 - Ciglione Lash Boosting Mascara
Never heard of this brand or product, but when I read 'Lash Boosting' I was really hoping it would be a primer, but im afraid its another mascara.
The brush is what makes this mascara different from the others - its like 3 little balls joint together on the wand, which is meant to create curl and texture to the lashes.
When i used this it really did separate my lashes individually and they were so long!! It was like fibre hairs were extending on the tips of my lashes.
I still which it was a primer though!

Were nearly there!!!
Day 16-20 REVIEW will be up in 6 days time

Love Sophie x


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Day 6-10 Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

Were nearly half way to Christmas - who's ready?
I feel like im not, but I have actually pretty much brought everything…

Anyway, im still loving opening my M&S Beauty Advent Calendar every morning and it honestly is staying just as good!
So its time to review the next 5 products…

Day 6 - Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Perla'
Liquid Lipsticks are taking over many brands since Kylie Jenner launched her Lipkits.
I myself, have tried many different types too, and they all live up to what they say. Just like this Stila one, it does what they basically say… Its a matte finish and stays on for hours! Which is great, but i was disappointed in the colour due to it being too cool toned for me, it was a pale pink shade with a blue undertone, which because my skin tone is warm, I avoid these colours.
I did wear it for the day to test out properly and I would consider buying these again but of course in a better shade.
Also the smell wasn't amazing, it just reminded me of wax crayons from when i was young haha, with a sweet scent.

Day 7 - Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Cream
I LOVE a good sleeping cream. Every night I use my Body Shop - Oils of Life Sleeping Cream just because I love the more intense moisture that they give and I feel like i'm getting a facemark whist I sleep.
This Korres one smelt amazing, exactly a wild rose smell. The texture moisturised into my skin really well and quickly, but it felt like more of a normal night cream than a sleeping cream which usually feel more like a layer on the skin, but some people may prefer this.
Wild Rose is for all skin types and targets hydration, brightening and anti-ageing.

Day 8 - Eyeko Black Magic Mascara
I actually saw one of my favourite Make-up Artists 'Nikki Makeup' speak good words about this probably a month ago on one of her instastories and it intrigued me because Ive forever stuck with my all time favourite Lancome Hypnose mascara on myself and clients for the kit so I was definitely giving this a go!
First problem, I have individual lashes on and have done for the past 4 month, so i couldn't trial this that good, although my bottom lashes are very long and i do love them to stand out so i've been using this on them…
The brush applicator is a curved wand which is known for helping the lashes curl, it was also fibre hairs which were fluffy - this is great for volume and the tube of the mascara was my favourite as its not just an average mascara stick, it's a squirty tube thats amazing for pumping more product onto the brush, especially when it's running out, you will sure scrape every last bit out.
My bottom lashes did look lovely, and made them instantly long! Overall i really loved this and can see this becoming a favourite.
Although I didn't find it easy to remove, and that was with my cleansing oil!

Day 9 - Nails Inc Gel One Coat in 'Molton Star'
You know what, Im sick of getting Nail Polishes in all my boxes lately haha! I seem to get one every month in the powder box and now this… I honestly don't use nails polish, I cant be bothered, they just chip and i have to paint like every 2 days.
But! This bronze, gold shade really is nice! Its more metallic than shimmer, so looks great on all nails and as a one colour.

Day 10 - M&S Formula Radiance Reveal Peel
I love how this came on a Sunday!
Im a sucker for a Skincare Sunday routine, where I can just pamper myself for a few hours, so this was on the top of my list.
Seeing as I had the whole of sunday off, I used this straight after my morning shower, to see how much radiance it gave me through the day…
I wouldn't say radiance but this might progress the more I use it but no work of a lie, this peel rolled off all my dead skin (just like my Body Shop favourites) but this one seemed to get drier the more I massaged my skin - which isn't a bad thing, this actually helped remove the rolled of skin more easily with it just dusting off. I rinsed the excess of and carried on with my normal day time serum and moisturiser and my gosh my skin was baby soft! I even made my mum have a go.
I will be using this twice a week now until its gone!

Im ready to see what the next 5 days bring.
Only 2 more reviews then its CHRISTMAS DAY!

Love Sophie xx


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Powder Beauty Box - November 2017

We're nearly at the end of 2017 - its scary…
but im looking forward to my December Beauty box, I mean christmas edition, its got to be a gooden.

Well before I get carried away with that, i need to fill you in on the November box.
This month they were targeting on those cold nights that are approaching and how life is basically going to dry our skin out this month. Its true, were going to be chapped out if we don't keep or skin conditioned.


Day 1-5 Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

It doesn't seem long since I did this last year…
If you followed me back then, you were probably one of my followers who really enjoyed my Christmas Countdown, reviewing each product every 5 days.
I got lots of people asking me if i was doing a beauty advent calendar again last year, my answer was, why not!
I did a bit of research to see what goodies were in the beauty advents this year, a few online beauty departs caught my eye, but M&S pipped the post again, as the products again, were unique brands and a great variety of all things beauty.
This year, for the packaging, it was cute little houses within a large house…

It costs £35 when you spend £35 in store at M&S or £250 to buy it on its own… That wasn't happening!

Its already time to review Days 1-5 of the little houses this year…

Day 1 - Rosie by Autograph - Tinited Shimmer Lotion
Im a massive fan or this collection, I cant say a bad word about any of the products, I actually label it the high street version of Charlotte Tilbury, what a compliment!
Id also seen this lotion is the store, and the first thing that caught my attention was the smell.
I was happy to open this on day one and looked forward to using this on the weekend.
I didnt actually expect this lotion to be this tinted, i thought it would just be a more shimmery moisturiser, but no its defiantly a 'instant tan' just not as intense as the high street ones you buy.
I love it, i think this may actually be a daily cream that i can apply every morning, especially on my chest and arms, i feel very pale this time of year.

Day 2 - Filorga Radiance Mask
If i'm honest, I didn't expect the application to be like a light clay mask setting especially with it claiming to be a 'radiance' mask i thought it would be more shiny/dewy whist working on the skin.
So this made me more dubious of how my skin will look radiant when the mask was pretty much matte, although my skin did feel balanced one i had washed it off after 20mins.
The creamy texture is actually helping stimulate the collagen and cellular activity - after researching whjy this mask is so different.
Not only is this for radiance but also treats wrinkles and erases the signs of tiredness (which i definitely need on the run up to christmas!
I would say this mask is more for an overall health glow to the skin activity more than aiming for radiance but i will carry on using and see if it has later results.

Day 3 - Nuxe Precious Scented Shower Oil
Nuxe is known for their 'Dry Oil' which can be used on hair, body and face, and im a big fan that! So to see it in a shower gel form was like a magpie seeing silver!
I used this straight away in the morning.
From experience I would defiantly wash in my normal shower gel and use this as a second wash whilst I massage well into the skin so i get the benefits of the oil better.
Only because this didnt froth up like I preferred it too but I shouldn't expect this from a oil right?
Love it though, just not a fan of the smell.

Day 4 - Gatineau Melatogenine Intense Advanced Rejuvenating Cream
Never heard of this brand or product so it was nice to discover something totally new.
I used this in the day after I had cleansed and applied my day serum.
I found the texture of this moisturiser quite thick for a day cream actually, which did worry me with my makeup application after. Although my makeup applied perfectly and actually set really nicely so maybe this did have an input?
But when i researched more into it it said to apply in an upwards DABBING motion, which totally explains the thick consistency. after doing it correctly my skin felt a lot more plumped and protected with a nice even layer of moisturiser.
I can see this being a massive hit for over 50s!!
It claims to boost your natural radiance within the skin, and targets wrinkles, lines and sagging skin to prolong a youthful complexion - its what we all want right?
Its a Paris, French brand which actually explains the slight clinical smell to this cream, I imagine this being a pharmacy high end product over there, with well researched ingredients.
This cream is prices at a great £55 for 50ml.

Day 5 - Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel 
Every Rodial product that I have tried, i have loved, no lie!
I was exciting to start using this. I used this sculpting gel as a serum, after my cleanser but before my moisturiser.
It smelt gorgeous and left my skin feeling really smooth. Of course its a gel formula, so it is light weight and worked really well with my makeup on top too.
So I shall carry on using this.

Overall, after my first 5 days of this years beauty advent, i'm happy with the products so far, and have for sure discovered products that I would actually buy in the future!
So heres to the next 20 days on our Christmas countdown.

Follow me on Instagram for daily photos on what I have got each morning, before waiting for the 5 day review ;)

Sophie x
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