Friday, 26 January 2018

REVIEW: Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

A trip to New York obviously meant SEPHORA SPEND UP…

Im a Makeup Artist were talking about here!
How could I dare leave the big apple without a bag of makeup. Theres so many brands here that we cannot get unless we order online and pay a ton of shipping.
Let me tell you, I definetly underestimated how good Sephora really is! I just expected it to be a shop full of makeup which is obviously amazing, but it was the amount of brands under one roof and all the products your see American makeup bloggers rave about just put me in my element, and of course I got carried away!

You may have seen my New York buys on my instagram post when i got back a couple of weeks ago.
Well after a week of testing and trialing the Fenty Foundation that went crazy when Rihanna released such an 'unexpected' range I just had to grab my colour and of course but this foundation to the test.

The shade of foundation I got was '300' - 40 foundation shades, so no one should have a problem finding the perfect one.

So heres the verdict…
I actually disliked the application of this foundation, I still haven't found the best/most perfected way which I am happy to apply this foundation with - BUT, I LOVE the finish?!!
How is this possible?
So ive tried,
- Stippling Brush
- Dense Buffing Brush
- Sponge
- Silicone Sponge
- Fingers

When applying this foundation, I felt as if it kept looking streaky, and each application wouldn't press into my skin and stay without looking like it needs smoothing over.
So I stop the application process after i have patted this into my skin as the final step.
THEN, this foundation actually sets into the skin itself and actually dries with the most flawless, even, matte and amazing coverage finish!
I honestly am explaining this, the best I possibly can.

So after using for a week I have found that my favourite way to apply this is with my Dense Buffing Brush from Real Techniques and then patting in with my Sponge - DRY!
This still doesn't make me happy at the finishing point of this foundation, but give it 10 mins, and it sets like a dream - it becomes so even, flawless and a perfect coverage for anyone who loves medium - full

This foundation is also stated as a Matte Finish, it definitely isn't radiant in any way, but the matte finish doesn't look drying which I love, it just looks smooth and fresh.
I then finish off my skin using a bronzer to naturally contour, blush and highlight. FACE DONE.

So this sure is a funny one when it comes to recommending but I have to say, its worth the play!
The finished look is unachievable compared to any other foundations that I have tried, but don't get me wrong, I still have many favourites as all foundations give a different finish and effect.

Don't forget to check out my New York Skincare routine, as this had to change drastically to suit the -12 temperature.
Basically it could have ruined, dried and broken my within my skin if I didnt do what I did with my regime.

I shall do more reviews on my Sephora buys in future.

Love Sophie x


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Skincare Update for New York City Weather!

You all probably know how OCD I am when it comes to my Skincare, well OCD basically means how much I care for my skin when it comes to routine, but anyway, when I found out the weather conditions in New York for the first week of January, the first thing that crossed my mind was ' I need moisture products ASAP for this holiday'
And let me tell you, the December Powder Box was in my draw at the perfect time.

I needed any and every product that contained a high percentage of Hyaluronic Acid - this is an ingredient that absorbs as much moisture into the skill cells as possible to keep your skin hydrated at all times.
I also needed major moisture masks that I could pamper myself in every evening before I went to sleep.
Drastic? It all worked, through sleet and ice cold winds, my skin stayed in great condition, did not dry out at all and stopped my skin from breaking within the dermis - ice cold weather can actually split the skin that can look like little red veins and red blotches under the skin, and I was determined not to get this.

Let me cover over the products that I took with me, and used every day!
Oh, and how my mums skin kept so hydrated was thanks to me and these products, what would she do without a skincare fanatic in the family.

Body Shop - Drops of Light Foaming Cleanser 
My regular face wash - I love this because it evens out and brightens the skin tone. It foams up amazing, and feels like a thorough wash.

Facial Oil 
Cougar - Enzyme Rich Protein Facial Oil with Hyaluronic Acid
The smell of apples and pears kept me going with this beauty of a product!
This was actually one of my favourite products and one that kept my skin at its best condition over the 5 days in the sleet ice cold conditions.

Skin Chemist - Aqua Repair Facial Serum
Another great product, this serum is thicker than your regular liquid based serum, and is more of a gel like texture keeping your skin much more cushioned with an absorbing layer which protected the skin over the facial oil.

Nails Inc - Soothing Hydro Night Mask 
Yes I wore a face mask EVERYDAY over my other skincare products.
This didnt leave a thick layer on my skin at all, of course it felt thicker than a normal moisturiser, but trust me your needed it!
My face, most of the time was irritated from an itchy woolly hat and a scarf as tight to my face as possible so that i could still breath. Haha!
But without this thick layer of moisture i feel like my skin would have felt drier and would maybe have needed an extra face mask at night to put my moisture back in.

Night Cream 
M&S Absolute - Ultimate Sleep Cream 
This night cream is stated to give you a look like you have had 8 hours, even when you don't!
That sounded perfect, even though i got about 8 hours whilst i was over their every night, your skin sure did need that extra magic cream to work throughout the night.
This cream actually feels thicker to apply than the Night Mask I wore every day as my moisturiser.
But it amazingly brightens and perks your skin up no matter the lifestyle issue.

Eye Cream
Body Shop - Vitamin E Eye Cream
The one thing im worst at is remembering my eye cream at least every night! And im the biggest worrier about getting crows feet the older i get! So i knew this pure Vitamin E eye cream would be just what I needed around the eye area.
Vitamin E is obviously aimed at moisture when it comes to adding this to the skin.
My eyes were actually the most exposed area on my body for the whole of my New York experience which actually makes my eyes the most important area, and it did the trick, i was using an eye cream, day and night!

The only area that was so dry and chapped, no matter how much product i applied was my lips!
This is actually a normal time of year that this happens to my lips so this didnt surpirise me at all.
Yet my lip moisturiser is so thick and gel like you would think it would repair them quickly but it just wasn't happening, with me eating and drinking hot drinks very often, my product couldn't keep up.

So, i've got to thank my Powder Box for 3 of these daily products!
They came at the perfect time and saved me doing a ton of skincare shopping prior to my trip.
It also made my review testing fantastic for you all!
Click the link to read more in-depth about the products and others from my December box.

I have continued to keep the oil in my skincare routine still, just so the process was carried on to keep my skin hydrated and smooth.
And also added some new products that I have recently added to my trial and testing reviews.

I hope and cold or hot climate holidays you are off to, you are caring for your skin as much as possible.
Next month I will be experiencing the HOTTEST of climates for this time or year, so I will be sure updating you with the opposite temperate product usages.

Love Sophie xx

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Powder Box - December 2017

It was the final box of 2017 with christmas in full swing, It was hard to try sooo many new products and I also was doing the M&S Beauty Advent Countdown.
I made sure my days were dedicated to each window then used my beauty box in between.
Although since christmas I have been trying out the skincare bits in this box morning and night, so i get to feel and see a proper review of these products

Firstly I just want to say i hope you had an amazing new year, and your as excited as me for 2018!
I have lots of traveling booked :D
Also ive just got the new iPhone 8 and my images are crazy clear!

In my December Beauty box I trialed these great products;

1 - 3INA Nail Polish - Glitter Top Coat
My nail collection has never been so big since receiving these boxes!
And another glitter for christmas is of course what we expect.
This is a quite sheer glitter polish which is for sure more of a top coat than in intense glitter look.
I wasn't a fan of the under colour with its yellow, green shade.

2 - Brush Works - HD Miracle Silicone Tear Drop Sponge
Ive really wanted to try one of these for ages! I don't know what took me so long.
It was a lot better than I expected, so easy to use, it blended into my skin lovely using my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation but the finish didnt seem as full as my usual look which i use either stippling brushes or my fingers, so it does take a little longer to build up.
But honestly great for an everyday look.
It also washed off so easily, just using warm water after i used.

3 - Skin Chemist 24 Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum 
For saying I have left the skincare products until my Christmas Advent Calendar finished, I really missed out! This serum is so nourishing I love it! It is not an average serum which usually feels more liquidised and light weight when applying, but this serum is more like a whipped texture. Its basically a serum and moisturiser in one. Perfect for this time of year when the freezing cold weather dries our skin out.
This product really does soothe, firm and hydrate the skin so well, i would definitely purchase this in future. My skin is looking so healthy, even after the christmas binges!
They actually sent out the full size of this product which is worth £64!!!

4 - Cougar - Enzyme Rich Protein Facial Oil
Another product that I have loved this month! Again, i waited to use these skincare products after the advent so that I could see and feel how these products were properly.
I love facial oils anyway, and was intrigued when I read about this one.
I have been using this before the serum, so that the oils dissolves into my cleansed skin more deeply then securing the products with the Skin Chemist.
First thing I have fell in love with was the smell!! Oh my gosh it smells just like warm apple and pears. Honestly its amazing.
But the oil on the other hand dissolves great into the skin, without leaving a greasy finish.
What this 'Enzyme Rich Protein Oil' is meant to do is help with anti-ageing, brightens and tones whilst the enzyme ingredients work to remove dead skin cells and impurities to reveal polish and soft skin.
Also this oil is boosted with Hyaluronic Acid which is know for keeping the moisture pressed into the skin and keeping it contained which helps prevent our skin ageing and loosing the elasticity!
I am buying this again!!!

5 - Smashbox - Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Crimson Chrome
It was great to see another Smash box lip product in the box again since my first box. This time the lip product is one of the metallic ranges, which i was going to buy, but I tried out the NYX one first (you may have seen my facebook video on this)
This colour really is a bold statement red. But it did look fantastic.
The finish of this liquid lip did look really metallic but it was quite a sticky one, after a few hours as it wore off, it did stick to my lip line most which made it look a little uneven as the metallic sheen wore off the centre, but overall its a good one if you keep on top of your application.
On the plus side the pigment was AMAZING, you only need a small layer.

6 - GLAMGLOW - Supermud Clearing Mask 
I have had this mask in the past when it first got released and I fell in love. It does exactly as it says on the box - deeply cleanses, purifies and visibly pulls out the excess oil in your skin - great for oily and spot prone skin. You can also use this as a spot treatment which helps dry up and clear out the skin within the blemish BUT as you all should know The Body Shops Himilayan Mud Mask is exactly the same, for a fraction of the price, so I shall be sticking with my trusty favourite for now.

7 - Chloe Eau De Parfum
Well, this fragrance has been in my beauty draw for YEARSSS, we all have that favourite fragrance that we purchase over and over, well this is one of mine. I remember getting my first bottle in my school days. Its warm, oriental but floral scent ticks all my perfume boxes and I will forever buy this perfume, its such a sophisticated smell and suits any occasion.

8 - Model Launcher - Safari Bronzer
In my opinion this packaging looked quite cheap, maybe it is a affordable brand but the bronzer actually is a really nice colour.
Its actually came at the perfect time for me to trial this as over the Christmas period i have been a fake tan lover but I do avoid my face when it comes to tanning, as the ingredients just doesn't agree with my face and causes a break out usually. So i have been using this bronzer on my bare skin when i'm off to the gym and it does look sun kissed and natural.
Also the Leopard pressed powder look is pretty cute!

Overall i am really impressed with this box and shall be trialling out Januarys box asap.
And that the end of 2017!!
I have lots of exciting things happening in 2018 but starting off with a trip to NEW YORK.
I will actually be there as you read this ;)
Im back on the 10th and straight back into work with wedding trials and makeup lessons.
So if you have any enquiries or bookings you would like to secure for 2018 please drop me a message at

THEN on the 28th January myself and Grace have our HAIR AND MAKEUP MASTERCLASS.
A perfect time to join us in revitalising your 2018 look with our tips and tricks showcasing a full step by step look within the afternoon.
Theres prizes to be won and goodie bags to take home
See the event here -

As for 2018 I have lots of other things in the pipeline which i shall be revealing throughout the month and lots of interesting blog posts for you!

See you soon
Sophie xx

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