Sunday, 19 February 2017

REVIEW: The Body Shop - Oils of Life

Its so amazing to find a skincare brand which I have fallen in love with and it so reasonably priced that give REAL results!

Many of you may know that I was previously an Account Manager and Makeup Artist for Guerlain, when working for them I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use their products on a regular basis and get products from them also.
Their skincare ranges had always been at the top of my list and nothing could top them, but thats what their £200-£400 price tag came in, and its just to realistic.
You may now be thinking wow!


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Luscious Lips for Valentines

The perfect time to release a 'lip' post to time it right for the Valentines Day dates.

Winter is slowly coming to an end, even though it is still ice cold!
Some of us are still struggling with dry, chapped lips… I don't want you going on dates trying to bite them smooth, thats not the way.

I for one find dry lips so frustrating cause i can't help but bite them and getting out of that habit is hard!
So this post is going to advise you on the best tips, tricks and products to smooth, hydrate and leave them lips looking and feeling luscious!
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