Tuesday, 22 August 2017

REVIEW: The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick

Like its the last week again :(
Ive enjoyed filling you all in about my favourite Eye Crayons and how easy these are to use an apply for either day or evening looks - They are my go-to, are they now yours?

For the final week I've saved these beauties until the end.
The Body Shop have just launched their brand new 4 Shades, which I was also lucky to try out before they were even available to purchase.

You may have seen my summer look where I used the 'Bali Sunstone' stick
Which is this beautiful orange shade…

They have 8 shades to choose from and to be fair, all the colours will suit anyone, of course certain shades will suit certain eye colour, let me give you some ideas…
Blue Eyes - 'Navada Gold' & 'Bali Sunstone'
Brown Eyes - 'Siberian Quartz' & 'Bogota Emerald'
Green Eyes - 'Cyprus Bronze' & 'Cusco Pink Opal'

I own a good 6 shades of these crayons, and i LOVE them, they are perfect to just pop on the eyelid on a day-to-day basis as they have gorgeous pigment. Not too bright but definitely visible which is perfect for everyday.
They are also waterproof and completely budge-proof, they do not move!!
No matter how hard i scrub my fingers over my eyes or my hand (when swatching) they are permanent which I find really hard to find crayons that actually last 24hours without using a base/primer and sticking to my crease throughout the day, so these are like a makeup artists saviour!

Not only do they hold on to the eyes, like I said you don't even need to use a primer, I just love using a paint pot underneath to even out my eyelid colour for the crayons to have a cleaner colour pay off.

Another lovely feature that these crayons have is they all contain a slight shimmer within the shade which look amazing on the eyelid as shimmers create a dimension to the eye shape.
As the Body Shop is all natural products each crayon benefits from the Babassu Oil and Beeswax ingredient which will condition the skin as you wear.

If you would like to purchase any of these crayons (may contain current discount) then please just drop me a message, originally they retail at £8 per crayon - even thats a bargain, and having the whole collection won't break the bank either ;)

So now August is over, September Reviews will be based on Face Primers so keep updated every Tuesday for my latest reviews 💞
Love Sophie x


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