Wednesday, 29 March 2017

ISSUE: Preventing Your Makeup From Creasing

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my recent question that I asked…
'Do you struggle with one area of your makeup? If so what is it?'

Your feedback was a great, and there was a huge variety which was a good and a bad thing for me to help with haha but gives me a hell of a lot more blog posts to write up.
So I decided to start off with this issue first… Preventing you Makeup from Creasing.

Many of you have the issue with under eye creasing, especially when your wanting to keep that dewy effect.
First off, you may thing of the obvious thing… Primers and yes this is number one on my list too.

1. Prime
Be sure that with anything you do on your face/eyes that you have a primer underneath. They really do smooth out any unevenness you may have, prepare a base for following products and hold the product for longer.
(Your under eye primer will be classed as you face primer and there is no product directed to that area only)

2. Prepare your eyes with a easily absorbing eye cream.
A key tip to creating flawless under eye concealer. As many of our eyes are actually dehydrated and we don't even know it.
So by using a eye cream before applying our makeup will hydrate the area so that our makeup does not sit in any lines or dryness around the area.
(Also if you are in a rush to let the eye cream absorb, just blot the area with tissue after you apply to take away the excess)

3. Add drops of oil to your concealer
Some concealers are very drying and hard, so scraping the product our and mixing with a drop of facial oil with loosen the product and help sink into the skin more.
My favourite Facial oil…

4. Use fingers not brushes!
By all means apply the concealer with a brush if you directing at certain areas but for a setting finish and and even coverage press the product with your fingers. The warmth of your skin will help dissolve the product more smoother and prevent the creasing issue.

5. Choose lightweight formulas & less product
One we can easily get wrong is buying thick concealers just because we think it will cover better, well thats where your wrong as everything is buildable, but knowing how much we need is another issue. 
So don't over do it and 2 layers is usually enough for everybody. 
You don't want a caked under eye.

6. Avoid to much powder
Again its all about building your coverage and not going OTT too soon. 
Sweep your fluffy brushes lightly under your eyes until you have fully set the concealer

7. Blot
A underrated trick now days is blotting your skin. Most popular for oily skin types to control the oils through the day but using these little sheets under the eyes also has the same impact.

My go to under eye concealer which actually contains many of my tips is of course the Body Shop 'All in One Concealer' which comes in 5 shades.
'Our all-in-one concealer is lightweight yet hardworking, camouflaging imperfections and bags with an easy to blend formula. Infused with vitamin E and Community Trade Marula oil , choose from one of the 5 shades for long wearing, silky-smooth coverage.'

Do you have trouble with your makeup creasing?
Give these tips a go and see if I have your cure!

Love Sophie xxx 

Monday, 13 March 2017

REVIEW: Burberry 'Dusky Pink' Lip Velvet Lipstick

You may all know that I went on a mini holiday/city break to the BEAUTIFUl Barcelona.
All I can say is this was an amazing experience to what I'm used to when I go away on summer holidays.
Just due to the fact that a city is all about exploring and sight seeing such an interesting place.
5 days was just enough, we literally did and saw everything, including a bike ride and walking 25,000 steps per day!! Calves were in agony.

But I'm back to reality and was straight back to weddings on the saturday, good job i love my job :D

Of course whilst I was in Barcelona we went shopping at the Cantalunya area with all the luxury designer boutiques.
I really wanted to tray myself to some sort of accessory like new shoes or a handbag, but i didnt fall in love with any that afternoon. Then my eyes were drew to the Burberry Makeup stand in their boutique.

I couldn't help myself but to buy their latest Spring 2017 Velvet Lipstick.
In shade 'Dusky Pink - no.406'
For Spring Makeup Trends this year is big for the dusky rose shades with a grey undertone.
I had already discovered VB for Estee Lauder as her lip colour was pretty similar with the grey undertone, that I was thinking about going back for but of course Burberry pipped the post!

Look at this beauty!
You didnt think i just got a tube of lipstick in its packaging right?
Oh no, it came in its own little cylinder box, gift wrapped in a Burberry bag.
Im paying for the little things, i know, but how could I resist.

Burberrys Lip Velvet range are their most pigmented lipsticks, giving the most colour pay offs than the others.
Im one for the deep pigments as I want to see the colour on the lips and it not just look sheer and invisible, so I knew I wanted this range.

Burberry claims these lipsticks to be;

  • Discover the modern way to wear matte, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics.
  • The richly pigmented lip colour glides on effortlessly, delivering a creamy, soft-matte finish with elegant and bold full coverage in one stroke. The light-as-air, comfortable-wear lipstick delivers defined shape and continuous colour with a lasting velvet finish.
  • – One-stroke full coverage
  • – Creamy, soft-matte texture
  • – Non-drying formula

All that is bang on.
I love the creamy formula and the soft matte finish that this lipstick gives to a look.
However lots of matte lipsticks dry quite hard and dry on the lips which causes to flake throughout the day whereas this one stays creamy.

The gorgeous packaging has a magnetic seal on the lipstick top and comes with the classic burberry textured fabric printed on the lipstick and the casing.

All I can say is go out there and treat yourself! 
Im temped to get one of the 'Liquid Lip Velvets' next in the striking 'Bright Crimson' which is like a neon coral, I wish i got both now…
I can see this being my go to summer lip for sure!!

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