Friday 19 July 2019

Boost Your Morning Beauty Routine

This is a really big topic that I focus on, every waking morning.
I love a routine and trying/adding ways to boost my overall health and beauty.
Self-care practices have really took off within peoples everyday life, and we are more open, and curious to feeling new ways.
Beauty doesn't just come from the outside, and what we all visually see. Beauty comes from within, the way we make ourselves feel through mindset, health and beauty care.

Luckily at the moment we are in Summer months so I have switched up my morning routine to take full advantage of the sun and bright morning skies.

Firstly ill explain my Morning Beauty Routine.

  • I wake up around 7am and make the bed!  (I am a good morning person and would prefer to get up and go rather than have a late night and love a neat and tidy bedroom)
  • Drink a pint of water (sometimes lemon or cucumber)
  • Make a Matcha Green Tea (I drink my water whilst waiting for the kettle to boil)
  • Take my hot drink outside, sit and think of 10 reasons of what I am grateful for that morning.
  • Breathe deeply 10x (light meditation)
  • Ive pretty much drank my green tea by this point so I read a couple of chapter of a book that I am currently reading (Julys book = Chillpreneur - Denise Duffield Thomas. I aim too read 2 books per month)
  • I then go to make breakfast (I also go back and eat outside)
  • Wash my face, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise
  • Clean my teeth
  • Go to the gym.
This is all done by 8am.
That routine is a regular for me 4 times per week.
As I always go to the gym in the mornings, this sets me up for the day, getting me motivated and ready to start clients or paper work throughout the day.
Usually the other 3 days I have early clients/early weddings on the weekend.

On those other 3 days, I always make sure I do my daily morning drinks and skin routine without fail, and say goodbye to the books and gym.

But, remember, only YOU know what fits in or enjoy as part of your Morning Beauty Routine
So lets give you some ideas.

  • HYDRATE! Make sure the first thing you do is drink a pint of water!! (Wether this is next to you from the night before to remind you, or leave a glass out for when you walk straight down the stairs in the morning)
  • Try and incorporate something you enjoy - mine is a chapter of a book, you could do watch 10 mins of a series, 10 mins of yoga, walk the dog? - think about what you would love to spend 10-15 minutes doing to boost you for the day.
  • Experiment with a health boosting drink, smoothie or breakfast? (I love having my matcha and a healthy breakfast, I can then drink coffee later!
  • Include your skincare routine! 
  • Start your day on a positive note… (Journal, gratitude, mantras)

By creating YOUR personal Morning Beauty Routine, you have then experienced a morning of you-time and joy to set you up for the day, hoping to continue the light-hearted, great day you have ahead.

This is a great one I found on pinterest…

My routine definitely keeps me calm and relaxed rather that stressing a rushing from the moment I wake up. 
I knew I needed to spend more time in the outdoors, and hearing the birds tweet and the warmth of the sun just makes all the difference to me.
Im then completely motivated for the rest of my day.

I would LOVE to hear about your new or current Beauty Morning Routine, maybe you can give me some ideas :D

Happy Summer!!
Sophie xx


Wednesday 10 July 2019

Perfect Your Nearly There Foundation Into The Correct Shade

A very interesting - need to know tip that many people question when the season changes, weather brightens up and out skin tone slightly changes.
And were left with half a bottle of foundation either too light or too dark…

My answer - Colour adjusting drops!

Yes they really are out there. You can actually keep using your normal foundation when you get a glowing summer tan or when winter comes around and we lose that sun kissed colour leaving us a bit more paler.

To darken your current foundations;
Nars Laguna Bronzing Liquid

My holy grail product when Ive been on holiday! I just add 1-2 pumps of this lightweight liquid bronzer and mix into my foundation.
It evenly glides onto the skin and adds a beautiful glow to the skin with its hidden highlight within the bronzer, that really perks up your sun kissed tan - theres no need for powders!
This is also great for those who love bronzing powders but want to avoid the powdery finish.

To Lighten you current foundations;
Body Shop Lightening Drops

Its the perfect porcelain to lighten your foundation base until you have the perfect blend to match your skin tone.
Although a disclaimer for this, it has no cool/warm undertone, it is basic neutral which makes it perfect for many skin tones, so make sure you are buying the correct foundation with your suited undertone to add 'life' into your skin.
You can always add a brush on bronzer over the top if you need to warm your skin up a bit.
Winter skin shouldn't make us look dead. Add a lovely cream highlighter to make your skin look more healthy rather than setting powders that can flatten any radiance in the skin.
It can also add a little bit more coverage to your original foundation as it is  quite a thick formula but it doesn't make your skin feel heavy.
Simple, easy and adjustable!
No need to buy 3 foundations a year! But be aware that seasonal change can effect the way your skin reacts to products and textures which is why it is important to switch up your seasonal makeup bags - Download my Summer Makeup Guide.

Have a FAB Summer!
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Love Sophie xx

Thursday 4 July 2019

Top Glowy Makeup Bases

I've missed my lovely beauty blog and readers!
So I asked my Instastory followers to suggest what they would love to see on the beauty blog this week, and Top Glowy Makeup Bases won the vote.

Its the perfect time of year to prep our skin and switch up our makeup bags for the summer months (Download your Summer Makeup Bag Revamp)
Glowing skin is not oily, or overusing highlighting powders. Its a natural, dewy radiance that our skin, makeup and finish can give out in natural daylight.
It gives out a healthy glow that we all want our skin to have on a regular basis and in summer months it just makes us look healthy, happy and fresh.
But still make Vitamin C and Water your best friend. (Its the homework that helps)
Look into your skincare background and choose skin products to help your get a natural glow as well as eating healthy foods that feed your skin goodness!

I have my top 4 products to achieve different finishes to your Glowy Skin!
These are all bases that are to be applied either;
- Mixed with your daily moisturiser
- Used on top of your mosturiser
- Before your foundation!
- Mixed with your foundation (depending on formula - best with light-medium liquid coverage)

Mac Strobe Liquid
A famous 'prep & prime' product that MAC now have in multiple shade, they now also have a body edition.
The glow that the Strobe liquids give out have an undertone colour and a glow to die for.
If you don't use foundation, use this alone and its subtle enough to give you that healthy glowing look.

Iconic Illuminator
This glow base is much more intense, I apply this on my clients before foundation so that the foundation can dilute this glow and shine through naturally.
You will look like tin-man when you apply this, but if its too much glow, use this on the high points of the face so that you can target where you want your glow to come from.
Then apply your foundations and see how natural this actually finishes.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Filter
Perfect for all skin types! Multiple shaded product, as this glow base does come with a light coverage to even out the skin tone and add a natural glow.
This would be a top product for the summer months as all you need to do is your skincare and spread the Hollywood Filter all over the face. DONE

Becca Backlight
THE glow base that is so universal and naturally enhancing, is the perfect 'primer' layer in your base routine. This not only adds glow but holds makeup on and evens the skin, to help give you that naturally flawless finish. Suitable for applications day or night!

Im just going to sneak this glowing product in too…
Nars Multiple Stick - in 'Copacabana'
This is best for after makeup to pop onto your highpoints of the face - just like a cream highlighter but more subtle to give a more naturally glowed look.
I love applying this with fingers as it blends in perfectly on top of your makeup.

Now its time you add some GLOW to your face and give your skin that healthy finish with makeup or without.
Dont forget to DOWNLOAD your free Summer Makeup Bag revamp and turn your simple bags into summer style!

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Love Sophie xx
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