Thursday, 30 August 2018

REVIEW: NARS Climax Mascara

'Don't stop, keep going, reach your climax with explosive volume' - Nars' all over right?
From their 'Orgasm' range and 'Deepthroat' best sellers they don't hold back when it comes to sexual language.
But its all part of the fun, and gets us all talking; they know exactly what they are doing.

Im a massive Nars fan, and always willing to try their new products, especially their skin/base ranges, they hit the nail on the head every time with these products.
Luckily Glamour Beauty sent me the new NARS Climax mascara to test out as soon as it got released - so cute with the little NARS pouch too!

Right now Benefit Bad Gal Bang has taken over my mascara love since it came out, and ive found nothing like it, it does make my lashes amazing but it does imprint on my under eyes after a few hours if i am using a creamy concealer.
So trying Climax was something I was curious on testing out.

First of all, the brush is quite big. My personal preference for mascara wands are actually comb bristles as I like to add length to my lashes more than thick volume, many people will differ with this.

The brush is like 3 little pearls on top of each other, so it has that curling benefit to the wand.
The bristles are 'ribbed' to coat the lashes with its whipped, lightweight 'moisture complex' formula.
It has extra black pigments, for the darkest of lashes and also a featherlight touch to the finished lashes. It doesn't feel weighty even after 3 layers.
I love the natural, feathery effect that it leaves on your lashes.
I have had compliments on how my lashes have set and partitioned from the mascara to give that fluttery, lightweight look, instead of that thick clumpy finish that we really don't want.

I would say this mascara is more for adding volume, so the best way i have decided to carry on using this is on the base of my top lashes to add volume on the root, then my other mascara to add length to the tips and bottom.

Nars actually recommend their top tip to holding the wand for 5 seconds on the root of your lashes to add extra curl then wiggle up through to the tips.

The Packaging!!! I love it. Sometimes red plastic can give the vision to be a little tacky looking, but I love how it stands out in my makeup bag.
Best of all, this mascara lasts all day on the lashes, no imprints, no fall out just natural, volumised lashes.

This mascara retails at £21, get it from standing stores, department stores and my favourite beauty boutiques 'Space NK'

Who's going for the Climax?
Is this your next mascara buy?

Love Sophie xx


Saturday, 25 August 2018

REVIEW: Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil Gloss

You all know I love a lip oil over a lip gloss, and let me tell you, this is now the collection I will recommend to everyone looking for an oil gloss!
Many of us hate gloss when it comes to that sticky formula, were not all for the hair strands creating lines on our faces on a special occasion right?
But we still want that glossy, hydrated feel. Lip oils are what I recommend!
I couldn't live without my YSL lip oil last summer, using it on top of all my lipsticks, this year Too Faced has not only been a new loved brand of mine but when I received a free sample of the Sweet Peach Oil Gloss when i brought my 'Born this way' foundation, I was amazed at the little product i didn't even know existed!

I've been using this product on its own, when I have no makeup on, and over lipsticks so i've tried every look with this oil gloss, and it's not failed me yet.
I love its smooth, creamy texture (yes creamy! even though it is an oil formula)
It contains the ever popular coconut oil, seed oil, Vitamin E, and real peaches.
These ingredients create the products moisture-rich, creamy, smooth consistency to help the lips stay hydrated.
Best of all; it tastes and smells just like peaches, so its literally good enough to eat!

If you are a Too Faced fan you will already know about the Peach collection of palettes and products.
Too Faced inspiration for this oil gloss came from; wanting 'a gloss that would delight almost all the senses, showcasing the juicy tones of fresh peaches including peachy nudes, pinks and corals while feeling nourishing to the lips and smelling and tasting like fresh peaches!'
Perfect right.

Did you know Too Faced is an all natural, vegan and animal friendly brand so you have no harsh chemicals in any of their products.

The Sweet Peach Oil Glosses come in a range of 8 shade, ranging from peachy pinks, corals and nudes!
They retail at £16

Go grab yourself an oil gloss for your daily makeup look, and thank me later

Love Sophie xx


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

REVIEW: Hourglass Vanish Highlighting Stick

I remember these Hourglass highlighting sticks being released when I was in Australia back in February this year, and of course I did the hand swatching and fell in love with the creamy texture and packaging of the vanish sticks.
At that point, id spent enough on makeup products that I was worried my luggage was already going to be overweight, so I let it pass and convinced myself I didn't need any more highlighters…

4 month later, I still have love hearts in my eyes when I see them in Space NK.
I finally purchased the Vanish Highlighting Stick in shade 'Champagne Flash' - the most popular of shades out of the other 4.
The shade is a lot more universal for pretty much all neutral skin tones, with its warm but bright undertones, and its radiant sparkle on the skin.

The Hourglass sticks come in a triangular tube with the product twisting up from the bottom as you reuse the products.
Because of the triangular shape it makes the stick apply onto the high points of the face in a dimension that sits well on the skin.
They glide on smoothly with its creamy, satin texture which feels weightless on the skin.
Once applied from the stick, I use my fingers to blend in the product to soften and edges when applied.
The best thing about the application is that it works over dewy and matte skin.
I of course tested this highlighter out after setting my skin with loose powder, and it still had the airbrushed finish on the skin, where I was actually expecting it to partition the texture with a cream sitting onto of powder, but it worked beautifully and still looked an even finish.

The product was also long-wearing, and was in no need to touch up throughout the day. It really did keep its natural looking glow, that was visible but wasn't too over the top 'disco ball' like highlighter.
So dont be afraid.
Hourglass also recomend that you can mix multiple shades of the sticks to achieve your desired finish.

Hourglass created these vanish stick using a soft-focus technology, using symmetrical microspheres in the formula which is what helps the product have that smooth, blendable application that are created to give a beautiful 'flash of light' to this skin.

You apply the highlighter sticks to the high points of your face, such as; Brow bone, Cheek Bone, Cupids Bow and Tip/Bridge of the nose and blend with your fingers.
You can also use this under your makeup base by dotting the vanish over the face and working your foundation in over the top.
A great highlighting product which you can use for multiple uses.

These retail at many stores, mine was from Space NK, a beautiful beauty boutique that are spread across the UK and online - they retail at £38.

Have you purchased a Hour Glass Vanish Stick?
Or have you ever tried a creamy highlighter?

Love Sophie 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

REVIEW: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

The BEST SELLING loose powder of all time!!
Its not a new release, this is literally a classic cult for a while now.

In my kit i've forever used a setting powder used purposely for photography/tv and decided to switch it up and buy this popular product and really put it up to the test.

With the weather we've had recently, its been hot and muggy, and when we need to wear a full face of makeup, setting powder is a must!
The day after I brought this from 'Space NK' I had a great excuse to use this for a party in the early evening where I needed a sweat proof barrier. Did it work? Yes. It felt and looked set all night.

The texture of this powder is of course loose, but is literally the definition of satin in a powder.
As soon as you apply it, it feels so silky on the brush and application to the skin without that cakey feel that some powders can give out.
I needed very minimal amount, literally tap into the lid and swirl with a fluffy face brush and pat onto the whole face or certain areas if you prefer.
Tip - Patting powder onto the skin is better when applying as it holds the makeup in place instead of sweeping the base in a different position which doesn't actually coat the whole area of placement.

The finish of the powder once set on the face looks translucent and flawless, without having that powdery look.
I for one would be most judgemental on the finish, as i actually hate a matte look on my skin, im all for the dewy trend but in the hot weather, some things have to give! Ill just add the extra highlight.
One thing I will explain is that translucent is not white! Its is translucent to light to medium skin tones where it adapts to the skin tone, which doesn't really work for baking or highlighting under the eyes.
So if you were wanting that white setting powder make sure you purchase the 'Invisible Loose Setting Powder'

It also contains a 'Soft Focus Effect' within the powder which helps blur and uneven application and fine lines which is a bonus with powders as the one thing we want to avoid is powder sitting into lines of the skin.
This powder would work for skin with or without makeup, so if you do go makeup minimal, or makeup free you can mattify the skin with the powder, again without looking cakey and dry.

The powder is oil-free and can be purchased with a velour puff at an additional cost.

Have you used Laura Mercier Setting Powder before?
Or is it your current go-to setting powder - always?

Love Sophie

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