Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Styled Shoot at Horthorpe Hall

Excited to reveal the beautiful photoshoot at Horthope Hall with this amazing team

Venue: Hothorpe Hall  @hothorpeandwoodlands
Styling: Beautiful Arches Weddings @beautifularchesweddings
Photographer: Kathryn Edwards Photography @Kathrynphotos
Dresses: Matilda Bentley Bridal @matildabentleybridalltd
Cakes: Helen Alborn Cakes @helenalborncakes & Red Velvet Bakery @redvelvetbakeryuk
Stationery: Popple Bird Designs @popplebirddesigns
Hair: L H Professional @lhprofessionalhair
Makeup: Make Up By Sophie Dowling @makeupbysophiedowning
Jewellery: Aspire Jewellery @aspirejewellery
Bouquets: Walnut and Willow @walnutandwillowflowers
Embroidery & Garter: Extra Special Touch @extraspecialtouch
Model: @mitchiepuk

Makeup for the Utter Opulence themed shoot, originated my ideas from the neutral toned shades form blush pink, to champagne gold effortlessly simple but effective.
Incorporating the lace and flower designs into the shoot for a more visual WOW factor.
Which flourished my makeup design application of radiant skin, to a medium-high coverage (perfect for bridal photography)
Statement brows to beautifully frame the brides face, which showcased more facial structure.
Glam eye makeup with a dark smokey shading in the crease and under the bottom lashes to create more depth to the eye shape, balancing out the statement brows.
Then cutting the eye lid with bold champagne gold perfectly applied on the centre to make the eye lids pop and add some dimension to the eyes, also bringing out the brides striking blue eyes.
Adding on strip lashes for extra volume, paired great with the smokey eye.
Also identifying her skin toning with the pop of deep, warm peach blusher and a muted liquid lip with a hint of berry tones to add extra warmth to her complexion.

It was lovely to create such a statement look, to make the makeup pop amongst the soft, romantic feel to the shoot.

Heres some editorial page clips from our feature in Your East Midlands Wedding Magazine.


Friday, 11 January 2019

January Beauty Detox

Least a beauty detox doesn't involve weight loss shakes, bland food and intense workout :D.
What more of a reason to enjoy the process of a beauty detox this month and I'm going to give you a skincare plan and makeup recommendations to do so.
At the end of the month you will not only have beautiful skin but your confidence will be glowing and you will be ready to concur 2019 into your best year yet!

Follow this regime into your everyday look and watch your skin change!

Remove the 2018 skin off the surface to reveal the brighter, even skin tone for January.
Incorporate the Face Smooth Brightening Polish. This natural exfoliator instantly smooths and softens the skin from the surface to deep within the skin.
It is free from Micro beads so that it doesn't harm the skin by breaking into your skin layers like other exfoliants.

The Good Stuff;
I love that is is loaded with Macadamia Oil full of Vitamin E to hydrate and soften the skin instantly
The Bamboo Silica is the key to removing the dead skin cells and its rich in antioxidant Acai Berry is the saviour that repairs and regenerates the skin leaving you a glowing complexion
Exfoliants are best used 2-3 times a week to keep on top of the skin cycle, as out skin is constantly shedding every second, so it is healthy to keep renewing the surface to build and protect our skin.

All you need to do it wet the face and massage the product onto your face, focussing on the t-zone and avoiding the delicate eye area, then rinse off with warm water.

Lets make this a new years resolution to BIN those makeup wipes and really learn how to cleanse with care.
Wipes are not only pulling on the skin and causing sensitivity to arise but also full of chemicals that are doing no good to your skin.
Cleansing with an organic, natural cleansing solution will easily remove makeup and clear the skin deeper so that your skin is not clogged up with makeup and bad ingredients.

The Good Stuff;
I love how this Cleanser is a fine cream texture that gently cleans my skin AND removes my makeup from scratch.
The ingredients fight everyday free-radicals, and UV, whilst stimulating cell renewal and loading the skin with Antioxidants thanks to its Green Tea Extract.
Golden Jojoba Oil natural hydrates and balances out your skins pH, which makes this suit ALL skin types.
The Eucalyptus Oil boosts personal wellbeing and overall skin heath from the soothing aromas that this ingredient gives out in every usage, leaving a relaxing sense and refreshing smell.

Only 2 pumps needed from this product to remove ALL makeup and cleanse the skin, morning and night. Then with the FREE Bamboo Cloth, soak in warm water and remove all excess makeup leaving soft, smooth skin.
Then follow your routine with…

Toning the skin is one that people miss out, due to time or thinking this step doesn't do anything… Toning the skin will target a different need depending on the product chosen and will prepare this skin so that the following products will work better.
I love using toners in a mist application so that it can also be used to refresh and hold makeup on the skin.

The Good Stuff;
The Pore Refining Mist is a great 3-in-1, to tone, refresh and set your makeup.
Ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice to hold makeup, refresh skin and calm redness
Cranberry Seed Extract is bursting with Omega-3 that conditions the skin and tighten the pores.
And the 'golden ingredient' Vitamin C to boost radiance and brighten the skin tone.

Simply spray the mist after your cleanser, before and after makeup, and throughout the day for a refresh, or cool down. - Great for Gym goers too.

Heres one of the key products to you beauty detox; A superfood oil, is packed full of antioxidants and ingredients to feed this skin with massive benefits, I love using this product at night to really pack on the product and give it time to sink deep into the skin as i sleep.
Superfood benefit this skin, just as much as eating this superfoods, they just target areas of this skin in the place we need them to go.
Watch how these oils dramatically change tour skincare game.

The Good Stuff;
My skincare saviour!! I now cant live without the GREEN liquid.
This Award-Winning Facial Oil contains all the ingredients your skin is quietly screaming for.
It is packed with ingredients to protect the skin against all the bad pollution that we are constantly around. Reduces redness, helps blemishes, evens skin-tone and also brighten the skin to leave a younger-looking complexion at all ages.
The key ingredients range from antioxidant packed Kale, Broccoli and Vitamin C
Tamanu Oil that boosts skin renewal and adds a rich, protective moisture.
Green Coffee to energise and brighten the skin (a new favourite in the Beauty world)

After Toning, use around 4-5 drops of Supergreens into your fingers and massage the face in circular motions to penetrate the vitamins and nutients deeper into the skin.
Those with oilier skin, may not need moisturiser after - I also tend to use this at night-time only, due to oils can effect how makeup sits on the skin.

People are finally beginning to realise how important moisturising is to our skin, it not only hydrates the skin 24/7 but also protects form UV rays, Environmental factors and Pollution in the everyday life.
A moisturiser works for all skin tones and helps balance out the pH so that our skin is in its best condition every moment of our living life.

The Good Stuff;
Tropics Skin Feast is the ultimate day moisturiser we all need for our skin. It says it in the name…
Bursting with over 20 different fruit and flower extracts to target many benefits for our skin.
Hyaluronic Acid, a key ingredient from last year that EVERYONE wanted in there skincare products, it keeps our skin full of water to hydrate in every area and keep our skin plump
Ectoin Molecules provides the length of hydration keeping it lasting all day, and also help fight environmental stresses.
Kakadu Plum Extract is the most Vitamin-C rich fruit on the planet and also boost skins elasticity.

Finish your skincare routine with 1-3 pumps and massage into the skin ready for your makeup steps…

Hello beauty tips. Try incorporating colour correcting primers into you makeup routine, this is to be applied after your moisturiser when you cream has settled into the skin after 10 mins
This will help even out any uneven looking skin, soothing redness, brightening dark areas and just completely balance our skin to perfection, you can use this as your base with, or without foundation.

This product would totally depend on what undertones in the skin you are wanting to correct; personally i love Bobbi Brown Correct and Conceal Duos, which can be matched up at their counters personalised to you.
Or an overall great option is a Smashbox Primer, Green to correct Redness, or there Blue Moisturising Primer for dryer skin.

Apply these at your own preference but mainly before foundation

Beautifying the face by enhancing our unique features, such as grooming the brows into place and opening our eyes with a flick of mascara.
Just these little actions will really bring out your individual beauty and put everything in place so that you look groomed to perfection

Start off with adding a Brow Mascara by NYX into your makeup bags, sometimes this is all you need to define and enhance the natural brows.
And a great Mascara such as my new favourite - NARS Climax Mascara

No chapped lips this year, keep your lips hydrated and glowing with a lip balm.
It can be tinted or clear, this will dramatically bright your whole complexion by just adding a bit of hydration and colour onto your lips.

The Good Stuff;
Lip Fudge Conditioner is a great hydrating, pluming and restorative balm, which comes in 3 different shades to naturally suit your toning, it contains 26!! plant extracts such as,
Omega 6 & 9, this plums and increases the volume of the lip as well as smooth any fine lines.
Acai Sterols which is key to the college production, and Mango Wax to repair and protect damages lips, especially those cold times in the year.

Apply this as often as needed, the key is to keep them hydrated so the more conditioned the better! And the colour will be enhancing your lips.

As you know I use Tropic Skincare in my daily routine and in my makeup kit on clients because its 100% natural which makes it work for all skin types
Not only that but its all vegan and perfect for this months Veganuary.

If you are interested in the beauty detox, please contact me and i can order you these products to get you on the path of perfect skin and with discount.

or order online at
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