Wednesday, 26 October 2016

REVIEW: Primark P.S Pro Oval Blending Brush

When do I everrrrr buy cheap makeup brushes?
I actually believe and advise that you do have to spend that bit more on brushes to give that perfect makeup look.
Lots of cheap brushes are way too silky, synthetic, too long, and just overall floppy which gives no precision to a makeup look what so ever.

But hang on right there, this PRIMARK brush at just £3 may have just told me wrong.

This brush was a curiosity buy! I have been eyeing up these dense 'Oval' flat brushes for a while now.
You may have seen these types of brushes on Instagram under 'Artis', 'Iconic Evo' Brushes, and 'MAC' also do a range.

These brushes can come in sets from face usage all through to eyeliner precision brushes.
I had been curious for a while but I just couldn't see how these would do justice on the eyes, especially. So I wasn't going to spend over £70 when I'm happy using my favourite stippling brushes on my clients.

I am going to aim the brush post as a 'foundation brush' as I did use it for this purpose.
I guess after using this brush it could possibly work for cream blush, cream contouring and maybe even liquid highlighters and bronzers. So I am yet to try.

This brush is named as 'Blending Brush' They come in Small, Medium and Large (not stated for any direct area) but I love a good buffing brush for foundations so this was my first way of testing.
The brush I have is the Medium size.

First off I had already cleansed moisturised and primed my skin ready for my makeup.
I applied my liquid foundation onto the back of my hand then dipped the buffing brush in once then started in the centre of my face, in circular motions working outwards.

With buffing brushes being dense but moveable I expected the same, although this brush I would describe as extra dense, as the brush hairs pretty much don't move but the product does speed down into the brush hairs, meaning that there is more on your brush than you think.

I probably did end up using less foundation than I usually do, due to the fact the brush helped it spread evenly over my face which of course was a bonus.
The hairs of this brush are super soft and smooth on the skin, giving a cushioned feeling when blending on the face.

When it comes to the brush design, the only thing that I would say to beware of is the brush handle and neck is quite flimsy, so it does feel 100% sturdy when massaging onto the face, so I do have my hand on the handle and a finger on the brush head to prevent from snapping.
But come on, what do you expect for £3, as long as it does the job then I won't be moaning.

The other brushes start from £2.50 - £4. I don't think they had any of the others in stock when I purchased this one, but now I will keep my eye out for the other 2 because… I just may as well get them.

I would love to know if you have one of these Primark brushes or maybe one of the premium brand Oval brushes, and let me know what you think of them.
Since buying this one it has definitely made me more open to buying the more expensive ones as I do think I would get my uses from them.

*Photos are not my own*

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Sophie x

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