Thursday, 26 May 2016

Review: MAC FIX+

We are approaching June - Summer Time, and I thought a perfect review would be this refreshing mist from MAC Cosmetics - Fix +
This product isn't just for refreshing the skin... This is why I though this review would be perfect for you to discover the best usages for this product.

I use this product mainly like a toner for the skin, I spray this on my clients before I apply the makeup. This refreshes the skin and gives it a moistures base so that the makeup glides on easy.
It can also be sprayed at the end of your makeup routine to help your powder dry in a more moisturising way to prefect the dry matte look that powders can give a cakey look.
Also spraying this throughout the day over your make-up instantly refreshes the skin and brings that natural glow back which wakes up the skin.

Another amazing usage from this product is to spray on your brush before using loose pigments on the eyes - this intensifies the colour and sets looking bold and striking.
You can also mix this in with loose pigments to create a creamy eyeshadow which glides on perfectly when using synthetic makeup brushes.

The smell of this product is also very pleasing to the nose when it gets sprayed all over.

MAC describes this product as -
A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.

This product can be purchased in the full size of 100ml and a travel size of 30ml which is perfect to take on holidays or just to throw in your everyday handbag.
Usage Tip - Hold this product away from the face around 12 inches, and spray evenly.

This product is perfect for the summer months ahead, we all need a refreshing spray when were in the heat all day, otherwise our makeup doesn't feel great!

This retails at £17 for full size.

Do you use fix +?
Are you looking for a fixing spray?

Sophie x


Friday, 13 May 2016

REVIEW: My Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick Collection

My go to lipsticks always seem to be these CT ones, maybe because Nudes are like the biggest trend in like forever right now so they defiantly brought the 3 perfect nude shades for my skin tone.
There's not many other shades that people are wearing right now, the nudes have taken over from peachy nudes to deep browns. There is a shade for everyone's skin tone, We just don't want to be walking around with lips paler than our skin. So match your shade correctly! 
I would advise a nude that is a shade deeper than your natural lip colour for a warmer glow.

With these K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks they come in full face collection, like I explained in my previous Charlotte Tilbury post. Collections such as 'Dolce Vita', 'The Sophisticate' and lots more. So this helps you get the perfect overall makeup look with matching lip liners, glosses, and eye makeup.
The K.I.S.S.I.N.G Collection 'Falling from the lipstick tree' comes in 10 shades, from nudes to reds.
These lipsticks protect your lips for UV Damage and pollution which is important to your skin in this era. The formula is blended with special waxes and light diffusing pigments which leave your lips soothed and hydrated, luminous and a multi-dimensional finish. (Great for those who dislike wearing lipgloss to create shine) 

The shades I have are 'Hepburn Honey', 'Bitch Perfect' and 'Very Victoria' - this shade is from the 'Matte Revolution' Collection.
See below for each lipstick shade. 



For the 'Matte Revolution' Collection 'Luminous Modern Matte Lipsticks' come is another 10 shades. The formula contains lipstick tree and orchard extract which again protects and softens the lips.
It has 3D glowing pigments which although these are matte lipstick this makes the lips appear wider and fuller.
These lipsticks also have a square angled tip that acts like the shape of a lip brush for better precision, the other collection has the basic pointed tip.

I love the way they glide onto the lips so smooth, even the matte lipstick feels hydrated on my lips.
They all stay hydrating too, even after a few hours of wear. I find the pigments stay on throughout the day without losing the colour which is perfect when I'm rushing around forgetting to top up my lips.
They are just comfortable and generally nice to wear on a daily basis, so I would highly recommend.
And I can not forget to mention the GORGEOUS packaging, I fall in love every time! I think this is why I want more. The casing is a rose gold cylinder shape with a 3D stripe feel., they just look gorgeous to show off when applying haha.

I still want more shades so everything I visit the Charlotte Tilbury Counter I always buy another one.
Maybe I'll sway away from nudes next time. Will see.

Do you have any Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks? 
Are you considering treating yourself to one? 

Monday, 9 May 2016

How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup Makeup' Trend

If you haven't heard of the 'No-Makeup Makeup trend this is a massive one for Spring/Summer 2016.
It is a look which is focussed on perfected skin and everything looking very natural, minimal and flawless although the sound of 'No-makeup' sounds easy but is actually one of the harder trends to get right.

It may sound like there are minimal products to use to achieve this look but it is the complete opposite.
Professionals tend to use twice as many products as you would think.
So for today's post I wanted to explain a few products and techniques to achieve the perfect 'No-makeup makeup' look.
I will also recommend some of my favourite products to achieve this look.

I always say that skincare is one of the most important parts of getting your makeup perfect and for this look skincare is definitely no.1
You wouldn't want to wear no makeup if you had terrible skin would you? 
So first of would be to get products that achieve a hydrated, radiant finish.
You can do your usual routine of Cleanse, Tone. Now I'm advising you to add a serum.
This serum is best if it contains brightening ingredients to brighten and give radiance in a natural way so that you skin adapts to this in its daily cycle.
(The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum)

After your serum then comes Moisturiser. Dont get these steps mixed up as lots of people ask me which way around this goes.
The serum sinks into the skin better with the help of the toner then the moisturiser secures the ingredients in and gives extra benefits to the skin.
Again you need a moisturiser which helps brighten and give that natural radiance under any makeup, all this skincare base will make the makeup look much easier.
(Nuskin AgeLOC Radiant Day cream - SPF 22)

After skincare comes the makeup.
The biggest tip to this look is a BB, CC or DD cream instead of a foundation and a Dry Oil.
I would recommend a DD cream (KIKO) as this is a tinted moisturiser, primer, protector and hydrating all in one product.
The dry oil now comes in, mix your DD cream with a drop of Oil and mix together then apply to the face or certain areas you most want the natural radiance.
By mixing the 2 together this will give a natural finish feeling like a second skin and it has that beautiful glow without highlighter. So this will give radiance on all the high points of your face which will glow beautifully in the sun this summer.
I get excited for that step! 
(KIKO Sunshine DD Cream)
(Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil)

Now onto a flush of colour, wether you prefer bronzer of blush, just sweep your powder brush in a 3 shape motion down the sides of the face. Forhead, temple, cheekbones and jawline.
These are the areas that shapes your face without the need for contouring.
Also don't forget about the top of your nose and chin, as this is where the sun hits your first.
(Guerlain Terracotta Compact bronzer)

Lightly full in the brows in an upwards motion and brush over with a spoolie to groom the main hairs on your face, this will shape your face and make your features pop.
Now apply your mascara to give your lashes that curled natural look.
A Nude pencil liner should be then applied on your waterline. This will make your eyes pop and look a lot brighter and wider for that No makeup makeup.
(Dior Brow Pencil)
(Nu Skin Curling Mascara) 
(Lord and Berry Nude Eye Liner) 

Lastly outline your lips with a lip liner 1 shade lighter than your natural lip colour. This will prevent your lips looking to full so that we stick to the no makeup makeup look.
After the lip liner a lip balm or lip oil is perfect to hydrate the lips and give them a natural shine which looks effortless.
(Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk)
(KIKO or YSL lip oils)
(Nuskin Contouring lip gloss)

Now the perfect final finish that is perfect for you to carry throughout the day would be a Moisture Mist.
These are perfect for the summer to refresh your skin throughout to cool, hydrate and keep you makeup from budging.
Nu Skins Moisture mist can also be used on your body and hair which include ingredients to refresh and add moisture.

I will be doing a blog post next week all about the benefits of Moisture Mists for this summer. So keep an eye out.

I hope you gained some ideas from this look, to go "makeup free" (we wish) this summer.
If you want any Nuskin Products ordering please feel free to message or email me at

Sophie X


Thursday, 5 May 2016

REVIEW: Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette

I always find that I purchase lots of eyeshadow palettes and think that I am getting the same colours in each one, but once you try them you realise they are not the same, every shade is different wether it's warmer, cooler or include different tones in.
This one is great for any neutral eye into a striking night look.

I purchased this before I went on holiday in February as I heard lots of good things about it.
I try to pack makeup that is either new or products that I don't tend to use often which makes me discover why I brought them and I fall back in love. ( this was one of them)
On this holiday this palette was one of my new buys so I knew that I was limited to how many eye looks I could achieve in the week. Of course I achieved one each night! I posted these as my makeup Monday so I will put the pictures up at the end of this post.

This palette contains 14 shades - the top 7 are all shimmers which are long wearing and striking once on the eyes, they look great on their own or on top of a heavy smoked eye to give extra dimension.
The bottom 7 are all matte shades from warm to cool with a velvet smooth texture that blend amazingly.

It also includes an eye shape chart helping you achieve the best eye look for your eye shape, which explains how to do this. Another addition to the palette is the double-ended brush. One end is a blending brush and the other is a 2 sided flat eyeshadow brush where each side contains different hair types.
One side it perfect for applying dry colour and the other for wet effect.

Top tip: Blend well then press on the shimmers on top of the eyelid, either on its own or over the top of the eye makeup.

So if you are looking for the perfect neutral palette for day to night looks then this is the one. 
It retails at £38 but will last ages as eyeshadow do not need tons of product, a little goes a long way.

Have you got this palette? 
Is this your summer must have palette?

Sophie xx

Monday, 2 May 2016

Why We All Need Baby Powder In Our Beauty Bags!!

Baby Powder? In my makeup bag? I know that's what your thinking.
Today I want to share with you how this product is a 'top beauty must-have' with tips and tricks on its multi-purpose uses.

Baby powder is under £1 to buy and it can be a saviour, or a must for everyone's needs. 
So how can you go wrong with a product so useful and cheap.

I know you will be interested in all of these uses, and you will be seeing baby powder as a more important product in your beauty routine and I'm sure you will be buying it in bulk when you read them.
Here's 10 top tricks from your makeup to your body.

1. Thickens up your lashes - by applying baby powder on your lashes as the base before you apply your mascara will basically become a lash primer and give you full volumised lashes without false strips.

2. Set you makeup - use as a setting powder over the whole face to soak up those excess oils and freshen up the skin with a cooling feel. Or if you want the dewy skin look, just set your concealer under the eyes to prevent creasing. Can also be used on your eyelids as a primer too.

3. Make your lipstick last longer - seal the lips with baby powder in between applications to hold the pigment to the lips and also prevents lips from looking cakey.

4. Full in your Brows - after your brow pencil, sprinkle baby powder onto a brow brush and comb through to plump up them hairs.

5. Dry shampoo - some of you may already know this one, but those dry shampoo cans you all splash out on, it's pretty much just talc powder, so save your pennies and sprinkle baby powder on your roots and spread throughout the hair.

6. Sweat control in the summer - wether your going for a run or it's a hot clammy day, apply this onto the skin and prevent irritating rubbing skin (e.g. inbetween thighs) 
Also a day on the beach with all that annoying sand, run this over the body and brush off to remove sweat, oils and sand.

7. Deodorant - on the go sweating? Tap that baby powder under your arms to absorb the oil and control sweating. (Can also get scented baby powder) 
Same goes for your feet. Sprinkle into your trainers or shoes, especially in the summer, it will also keep them smelling fresh.

8. Uncomfortable hot nights sleep? - sprinkle onto your bed sheets to keep you cool and dry all night.

9. Before waxing - will make the wax grab ahold of your hairs better and will also soothe and cook any irritation.

10. After shaving - leaves skin feeling fresh with the cooling drying effect after shaving legs/underarms.

I'm sure there are tons more tips, but I think these beauty and lifestyle ones are most useful.

I hope you learnt lots from this one amazing product.
Do you use baby powder in you beauty kit? 
Any other tips you use baby powder for? 

Sophie xxx

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