Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Can Your Makeup Really Be A Real Life Filter?

The social media influences have TAKEN OVER - and were constantly looking at them for inspiration, and jealousy?
Their flawless skin, toned bodies, glossy hair - but it's not real life right?

Well its time to share the makeup artist tips when it comes to looking like our trusty filters…

Its about focussing on 3 'editing' points when it comes to your makeup products.
Smooth, Brighten and Sculpt.
Before I start, please know that this is on an application basis only and the underlying answer for flawless skin is a healthy, clean diet, lots of water and a good skincare routine (yes that means DAY & NIGHT)

(Heres a couple of edited photos of well know celebrities)

Makeup wise, we can all do little things to step towards looking like our favourite filters, such as;

Smoothing Primer - First part is to find a primer which is suited to your skin type; a popular pore filling primer is the key product to search for, as this will apply a barrier across the skin and smooth out any open pores/fine lines with its filler concept.
Try; Body Shop Instablur, Loreal Magic Perfecting Base or Bobbi Brown Line Corrector

Colour Corrector - Be sure to know what colour/issue on your skin you are wanting to correct.
Is it Dark Circles? Redness? Dark Spots? A makeup artist can advise the perfect shade that will cancel out the colour that we dont want to see(its usually opposite shades) and brighten the area to even the toning with the rest of our face.
Try; Bobbi Brown Correct and Conceal pots, or Becca Colour Correctors

Enhancing Base - This is usually a base with a luminous ingredient, helping the skin brighten and look radiant and healthy when applied under, alone or mixed with makeup.
A more natural way of making the skin glow without looking like a disco ball.
Try; Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (Review)

Application Technique; Beauty Blender! WET the sponge through and finish your foundation application with a dabbing motion all over the face to soften the foundation brush lines and fill-in any open pores. (Review)

Airbrushed Powder - Stock up on Translucent Powder, the white loose powder that is basically invisible on the skin and adapts to your skin tone once applied - you can apply this on your t-zone if you want to keep the radiant skin finish.
Try - Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (Review)

Scuplting - Sack the contouring sticks, instead find your perfect bronzer (2 shades darker than your skin) and naturally sculpt the faces contour to give a more holiday bronze look.
Try - Guerlain Terracotta, or Too Faced Bronzer

Lash Booster - Pre apply a Lash Boosting Serum/Primer before your mascara to really pick up the smaller lashes and have fun making them white - the apply your mascara over the top for a real instant lift.
Try Diorshow Lash Maximiser (Review)

HD Liner - Gel liners are the real deal when it comes to that filter makeup application, the perfect precision you can created with an angled liner brush and a gel liner pot will be your go to product to really enhance , elongate and lift your eye shape.
Try Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner pots (Review) or NYX Gel Liner

Lip Toning - Whiter teeth just like the filters? Look for lipstick with 'blue' undertones which gives the illusion of brighter, whiter looking teeth, but be-careful to not look washed out - mix it with your favourite lipliner to add and compliment your fuller lip shape.
Try Lipstick Queen 'Hello Sailor' and Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliners

Now go ahead and look like the real filter that we all want to achieve!
Knowing your colour toning will enhance your makeup looks and make it much easier for you to shop and apply when it comes to looking your ultimate best.

For all makeup lessons see;

Love Sophie


Thursday, 11 April 2019

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist

Its a busy industry out there,
The Makeup Artist population is forever growing, thanks to the world of social media and self-taught talent that we all watch and admire.

But you're wedding makeup is a very different style.
Bridal Makeup has to be
- Long lasting (ideally 24hours)
- Photographic
- Complimentary/Natural
- Up to your expectations
- HD Airbrushing option

Finding a makeup artist is very personal experience, not only do you want to look your ultimate BEST but also consider that your artist is in close proximity of your space, where you want to feel comfortable and in good spirits on your big day.

There is a wide variety or makeup styles out there without you even realising - each artist does have a unique style that may not be your end vision - which is where finding the perfect artist to suit your style is very important!

When you are on the hunt for you're wedding makeup artist, consider the following points and look at what your artist specialises in when scrolling through their feed.
There are key artists that aim to focus on;
- Media Makeup (theatre/stage)
- Fashion Makeup (photoshoots/catwalk)
- Prom/Glam Makeup (inspired through instagram trends)
- Wedding Makeup (soft, natural and specific)

With makeup being such a personal service, ideally most brides want to look like themselves but a better version;
You need to ask yourself these important questions…
- Do I want my makeup looking natural or very made up?
- Do I want to feel like I am wearing lots of makeup or a very little?
- Do I want neutral/natural tones or bolder/brighter colours?
- Do I want to look like me or slightly alter my features?

These may seem like deep questions that you would not normally consider - but with makeup artists inspired by instagram/youtube their makeup finish may be more heavy than what you are used to.

An important point that I will make is that your makeup will always be that little bit 'more' for wedding makeup due to the photographic reasons,  for colours and pigments to pick up on cameras.
This balance is a specific skill that 'Wedding Makeup Artist' can achieve.

Of course you don't have to go with a 'Wedding Makeup Artist' if you are wanting a more glam look, or maybe more vintage or themed idea to your bridal makeup.

Bridal Makeup artists are more designed to target bringing out your natural beauty, enhancing what you love about your faces, and making you feel comfortable in your own skin.
Its a skill I am proud to be able to achieve for my beautiful brides.

You may notice that pricing can differ when it comes to wedding makeup.
The main reason to this is a Bridal Artist has a premium product kit and uses specific products, application techniques and skill for your wedding makeup to LAST.
'You get what you pay for' is a massive saying in the industry and it is completely worth the extra bit of money when it comes to looking and feeling amazing for that 1 special day - your on EVERY photo and in the eyes of ALL your guests!
Your face is the million dollar question right?
It is noticed as much as your chosen wedding dress!

I hope finding your personal Bridal Makeup Artist is now much easier after this little blog.
Be sure to check reviews, photos and other services that artists offer, to see if it matches up with your makeup ideas/wedding theme.
Also, try meeting face-to-face with your chosen artist, as gaining trust and feeling a positive vibe makes you're wedding day even more perfect.
Many brides will still be open to have multiple trials, and maybe test out different artists until they are happy with the right artist for them - there is nothing wrong with this.

For Brides who would like to enquire their weddings date with me, please contact me and I can get back to you with my Bridal Packages.

Love Sophie xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Makeup Tool I Couldn't Live Without…

We all have a go to beauty product or tool. One that we use on a daily basis, and your heart drops when you see they are out of stock.
I cant live without this makeup tool, theres multiple ways to use it and can change you makeup finish in seconds.

Can you spot it?

The Beauty Blender!
Personally I use the beauty sponge by 'Brush Works' just because of its unique shape and texture.
I have used many different sponges, from top brands to high street dupes, and i've never fell in love with this tool until I finally found the texture that 'works'.
If you went around feeling each and every sponge from different brands you will tell the difference, and maybe not know which texture will even be best?
Look and feel out for sponges that are airy, and light - avoid the sponges that feel hard and stiff, these sponges don't 'give' enough.
Plus a sponge should expand when wet!
So after many years of trial and error with beauty blenders I'm now obsessed with using mine everyday.
Heres the sponge I buy.

Because of its many uses and perfecting finish this tool gives to everyones skin, I'm going to dedicate this post on how you can use a beauty blender and exactly what this little sponge can do for you!

It's a tool that we do not need to personalise depending on our skin tones or textures, its more about the shape of the sponge and how well you work with its contours against your facial contours - basically let the sponge do the talking and let it fit onto all the angles of your face.

The beauty blender is the easiest way to achieve that real life, soft-focus finish to your skin.
BUT this isn't just to apply your foundation, you can multi-task this tool for baking, concealing and highlighting also.

The main use of a beauty blender is to apply or set your foundation.
Firstly WET your sponge so that it is completely soaked and gently squeeze out the excess water that you don't need. The sponge will absorb the perfect amount of water from doing this.
I personally apply my foundation first with my stippling brush, and with the remaining foundation left on my hand I use my beauty blender to smooth and even out the top layer of my base.

All it takes is gently bouncing the sponge along the skin, this evenly spreads and blends to leave a more natural, airbrushed finish on the skin.
The more pointed area of the sponge can then reach the smaller areas of the face, such as around the eyes and nose.

Cream Blush
Many people are swayed away from cream blushes due to its intense application when applied directly on the cheeks. Try applying the cream blush onto the back of your hand first, then lightly bounce the wet beauty blender onto the cheek area and build up the colour/pigment until you are happy.

Just like the foundation application, apply your concealer first, with a brush or your fingers, then using the same sponging motion, blend out your concealer with the pointed tip to fit perfectly under your eyes.
Finish with dusting a light layer of loose powder under the eyes to set, if you get creasing problems throughout the day.
You can do the exact same application to cover any blemishes and imperfections with the beauty blender too.

Yes you can apply powder with a damp sponge - just be sure to really squeeze out the excess water to prevent a transfer.
Just apply the bulk of the powder to the pointed end of the sponge and 'dab' the powder under the eyes and down towards the cheekbone to fully set your skin.

Using the rounded side of the sponge, dab your beauty blender into the cream highlighter, and apply in a 'C' shape in a bouncing motion from the top of your cheekbones up towards the temple, to give a natural highlight leaving an airbrushed, smooth finish.
Flip the sponge around to apply your highlighter using the pointed tip to the inner corners of your eyes, cupids bow and brow bone for extra glow.

I love a good beauty blender and I know you will to
Please be sure to always use it WET, many people still use the sponge dry and honestly, it does not give the same effect - a sponge needs water to survive right ;)

Also heres a top tip, to store a clean beauty blender…
Use an EGG CUP.

Love Sophie 

Do You Know Your Own Face?

We see our faces in a mirrors/reflections on average around 50 times a day!
Do you look every time? Guiltily yes…
Life's always about our appearance now days, wether it spikes from Social Media or we just look in a mirror and notice the things we dislike; well its time to turn the negative into a positive and notice what we LOVE!

Look in a mirror or reflection right now and list 3 things you like!

You have just realised what features you should be enhancing in your daily makeup routine.
Its time you get to 'Know your own face'!
Just by doing this, your beauty and makeup routines should be easy and maybe even help you get ready quicker in the morning.

Knowing your own face is not just pointing out the features you like, thats step 1.
Step 2 is identifying how you can enhance those features with colours and application techniques.

Your skin tone, eye colour, brow hair, undertone and pop of colour are the other areas you need to identify, some people don't have an underlying colour knowledge, but thats why you have Makeup Artists like me here for you!
Just 1 fun, easy, comfortable makeup lesson will teach you skills for LIFE!

Your skin tone, eye colour and facial hair shade will not change!
(When we get a tan we achieve a deeper shade but this will still link to your undertone)
Because these unique features will not change - this makes your makeup lesson a LIFE LESSON that you can go back to in years to come, on beauty shopping trips or when you are wanting to switch up your looks.

Knowing your own face also relates to your unique beauty, the features you can compliement that only YOU have. So why not enhance it, we dont want to look like clones of celebrities, friends or people you see on your instagram feed. They may be inspiring but at the end of the day, no matter what you do or try we will never look the same as someone else.
My message is to really enhance and compliment your features so make your feel and look amazing in your own skin and own you unique beauty, thats why we are all different .
Start by focussing on the areas that you love about yourself, the 3 features you names at the start of this blog post.
I want you to apply you makeup focussing on how to enhance those 3 areas, wether that is LESS product on the areas, or just wearing 3 products for that area of your face.
By doing that you are letting people notice your unique beauty in your own way.

If one of your favourite features is something such as your eye colour, do some research, find out what colours you should be using on a regular basis to enhance your eye colour and make everyone else notice it too!
Start off with downloading my Eye Makeup Guide with a full guide to the colours your should wear and avoid when it comes to your eye colour.

Maybe you love your brow shape, so just minimise the amount of makeup on your eye lids and focus on adding texture to your brows with 'Brow Mascaras' or 'Gels'.

Honestly, knowing your own face can boost your confidence and just make you feel good as soon as you step out the house in the morning, it lifts your mood and lets other admire your natural beauty.
Its the way forward, I will shout my message to the rooftops until EVERYONE knows that they have Natural Beauty everyday!

If your ready to change your mindset, feel more confident and progress your skills in makeup knowledge from applying to choosing products then book in for you 1-1 Makeup Lesson 'KNOW YOUR OWN FACE' and help you become more aware of your natural beauty and showcase these features to the world then what are you waiting for.
Your appearance and personality is what everyone SEES first, so take your Self-care and Self-Love to the next level and focus on YOU for a change.

To book in for a 1-1 Know Your Own Face Lesson, please contact me HERE.

I cant wait to hear from you, and show you how to enhance your natural beauty.
Sophie xx

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