Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Spring Makeup Trends 2018

I LOVEEEE Spring!!
Just knowing that we are saying goodbye to those cold days and night and walking into a blossoming garden, so refreshing.
This is how your makeup should be - CHANGE
So many people have the same makeup routine and products for years! Its time to switch it up.
I can help you out with 1-1 makeup lessons and makeup bag revamps.
Just see my website for these Spring gems!


Thursday, 22 February 2018

REVIEW: Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint

I posted on my Facebook Page, what blog post you would like to see this week, and you voted Product REVIEWSSSS, so here you have it.

I thought it would be a great time to review the Guerlain Joli Teint Foundation, as I am in Australia at this current moment and this is one of the Foundations that I brought with me.
Mainly because, I didn't want a thick coverage, as I knew I would be exposed to the sun, and of course I want to go home with a sun tan.
But it is known as Guerlain's Beautifying Foundation - Sunkissed, Healthy Glow.
Which is obviously the perfect description of what we all want on our holidays.

So its only February, but it is Spring next month, so it is the season that we should all be switching up our makeup bags and aiming for a more healthy, glowing look.
(My free Spring Makeup Revamp will be out on the 1st March, to help you all out)
So why not switch up your foundation with Joli Teint.

Joli Teint is a single formula of a foundation and skincare in one. It gives a sun kissed, radiant, healthy glow finish within the Terracotta range.
The Terracotta range is broken down into hair colours and skin tones, which makes it so simple to find your colour. This foundation comes in 5 Shades and really adapts to your natural skin tone with the help of the skincare ingredients.

Guerlain actually describes this to be used, at the heart of Winter, or upon the arrival of Spring - PERFECT!
This foundation fights against fatigue that blurs the complexion, and instantly evens, warms and adds radiance to the complexion.

I found that the texture does feel slightly thicker than a tinted moisturiser (as i expected it to feel lightweight) although it spreads evenly over the skin feeling creamy whist also giving a lovely coverage!
The coverage is enough for every day, it covers and evens the skin tone out in one application but it doesn't feel as thick as a medium foundation.

Throughout the day it stays looking radiant, healthy whilst keeping a warm complexion but if your in humid weather I did find that it went a little patchy on the jawline, but maybe I will just apply most the coverage where I actually need it.

It also contains SPF 20 within the foundation, which is a bonus if you are wanting to walk around in the sun on your holidays.
Guerlain have so many products in the Terracotta range, such as powders to body products.

Have you tried Guerlain's makeup before?
Or any of their foundations?

Love Sophie


Monday, 12 February 2018

Powder Box Review - January Detox Special 2018

Christmas came and went, I took advantage of my December Box as it SAVED MY ASS in New York! I needed the moisture and oils.
Then whilst I was there I recieved an email from my Powder Beauty Subscription saying the January Box will be delayed from the regular 6th(ish) send out date until around the 14th, which was fine for my as I was away until the 9th but I was excited to get dug into my Detox Edition to restart my January, as the US is not for detoxes at all.

When my box finally came, I was pleasantly surprised and excited although we have a resend of 2 products that I have received from previous boxes, but luckily they were products that I really liked.

The January 2018 Beauty Box contains…

4 PUKKA Tea Bags -
Ginseng Matcha Green - I have matcha ginseng tea in a powder form every morning! So to me this was a perfect on to go tea bag that I used when I was on the go, as powders can be tricky to take around, but these bags are usually less strong,
Cleanse - Cleanse was a great sunday morning tea bag, with its great digestive ingredients but could also be used throughout the day, as these ingredients are great for soothing stomach bloat after meals.
Detox - Ill be honest, I HATE aniseed so when i saw this I wasn't excited to try, and I probably wouldn't use again, but thats only on personal choice, these ingredients would be great for a sunday morning detox, as cardamon is fab for a deep body cleanse, and because of the spices they would work for boosting metabolism.
Tumeric Gold - Turmeric is a hard one for some people to involve in their diets, I find it so easy as i sprinkle this in my sweet potato mash, give such a kick and takes away the sweetness when you want it with certain meals. Anyway the Turmeric tea bag is great for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boosting!

HASK - Charcoal Hair Mask
With me being platinum blonde on the ends of my hair, made me crap myself about using this! But I trusted this on its 'All skin type' info, and it did make my hair feel purified and lightweight, like it got all the build up away, so this is definitely better than the last HASK mask that I tested.

Crabtree and Evelyn - Jasmine Hand Cream
Not a massive fan of jasmine usually, I do avoid it in my fragrances as it tends to go a bit off on my skin, but this hand cream really was lovely!

Balance Me - Pure Skin Face Wash
For me this face wash was not cleansing enough, so I ended up using it more for a 'double cleanse', you may have head about the new craze 'Double Cleansing' its basically cleansing your skin with an oil makeup remover, either a balm or liquid, then using a face wash afterwards to completely remove every last trace of makeup - and it worked great!! 
Really soothing, and lightweight, so if you wanted to use this on its own, it sure is better for those with sensitive skin that want something to not irritate, but I think thats how 'Balance Me' brands itself.

Darphin - Essential Oil Elixir 
Ahhh I loveeee a facial oil! This one is an amazing texture, with its gel-like oil form which sinks beautifully into the skin once cleansed. It helps the skin strengthen its resistance, conditions and nourishes, soothes and adds glow to the skin.
If you want a less oily, facial oil, this is my go-to!!

Cougar Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil - Plump & Firm
I loved getting another Cougar Facial oil, like the one a few months back, my first one was targeted with protein infused hyaluronic acid, where this one aims at plumping and firming the skin to keep it taught and youthful whist also keeping skin hydrated with the acid.
A massive fan of Cougar oils since getting 2 from these boxes!

Tropic Super Greens Serum
First thing that stood out for me with this serum is that it stinks!! Haha, first I thought it was just mine, and had to google some reviews to see if anyone else had the same issue, and they did mention the smell. I cant even explain it if im honest, but I understand that these supergreen powders do have a funny smell when mixed together as they are created form things like algae in the sea!
Other than that it was a fab serum, and out great nutrients into my skin, but I will stick to eating them form now often. Although if your not the healthiest eater, and it does effect your skin then definitely invest.

Nip + Fab - Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum
It was odd to see this product in here, as i have had this in a previous box, but luckily this is a product that i loved and actually was going to invest in the full size, until i got a new serum to test for you all. But this is one that I would buy in the future. The smell and the finish is just amazing and so healthy looking! Dragons blood is a key range with nip+fab.

Skin Chemist - Oui - Hydrating Day Moisturiser
This moisturiser is still going to this day!! You need the smallest bit and it spreads beautifully on the skin, with its infused coconut oil, aloe vera keeping your skin so hydrated, I honestly think this is the most soothing/hydrating moisturiser that I have every used, and is good for all skin types, not just dry! Normal skin types would love this, as thats how mine is and sometimes it need the extra hydration more than you think.

Murad - Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum 
Eye products are so important and its something most people forget about - if you want to know more about the eyes, see my in-depth post HERE 
With this mural serum, it is a lightweight eye cream, and smoothes into the skin lovely, it helps brighten and revitalise the eye area in just 1 week and also aims to combat wrinkles, lines and crows feet with its infused nutrient rich marine kelp ingredients.
Definitely one i would be buying in future!

The Organic Pharmacy - Antioxidant Lip Balm
This is another product that has made a re-appearance. I do have a lip balm that I re-purchase every time it runs out, but I did test this one out again, and i do love the rose smell of this, and the texture of the balm which feel like a silky liquid - although it doesn't feel as if it stays on the lips for long.

Sleek - i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette in 'All Night Long'
Good old Sleek! Sleek is one of my favourite affordable ranges! They have some amazing products and of course the eye palette doesn't fail. 
It has lots of great neural everyday colours in this, mainly shimmer and around 2 matte shades, which is only really good for the eyelid, and im afraid we cant use 10 colours on the lid at once haha, which makes this palette one that may just be used for 1 or 2 shades still great pigments though.
But this sample size is honestly tiny, and the shadows are smaller that a 5pence piece! But a good on the go size.

Lottie London - Gossip Girl Lip Gloss
I thought this was going to be quite a cheap feeling gloss, which would be sticky wear off, but it really surprised me and was actually a great pigmented lip colour with a gloss finish but it wasn't overly shiny, just a very moisturised look.

BLAQ - Eye Mask 
I actually sat on the plane in these, on my 13hour flight to sydney, and because they were black pads i honestly thought i would get so many funny looks, but i must have looked pretty normal, haha!
Any way, these eye masks were fab. The texture of the pads were like jelly, so they were a bit of a pain to position as they kept moving in my hands, I had to tilt my head back. But when they were on they felt really comfortable. I did a little eye yoga with them and tapped around my eyes to help my skin take in the product better, and help the blood circulation. (which was also great to do on such a long flight)
After my eyes definitely felt revitalised and i haven't had any tired looking eyes even after such time difference that I have had to adapt my body and skin too, so well done Blaq.

Told you it was a big goodie box this time!
Powder Beauty sure didnt lack on the January bundle size.
It was great to try out again, lots of new products.
But I will be missing out of Februarys box, as I am away travelling for the whole month, so I shall come back and start testing March's Powder Box, but of course I will share a picture for what I get it February.

Love Sophie x

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