Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bridal Make-up Trends 2015

Hi Everyone, 

I want to direct this post to all my lovely brides-to-be and any other brides interested in getting their make-up bang on trend this year.
I have put together this post with all the information for each trend this season for you all to incorporate into you're wedding day makeup.

We have 4 main trends this season, I have described each trend and how to pair it with your Bridal look.

First we have ‘Just Bitten’
Brides all year round will be glad to know the coral lip is back! How more fresh can you look with a soft peach lip to give your skin that flawless glow whist still looking natural but with that extra effort. Think ‘English Rose’ for this trend, feminine, soft and subtle and pair it with fresh minimal skin and luminous cheekbones to create that extra dimension.

Secondly ‘Colour Contour’
The Kim Kardashian deep contoured face is now gone with the wind. The new look is a more natural fresh contour for the summer.
From a palette full or dark bronzed tones 2015 bides with be adding colours such as soft peaches and warm pinks that still gives a look that’s a little chiseled but more natural. Brides will look beautiful when going for this trend as not only will it frame your face but will also give you the fresh rosy glow for your big day.

Next ‘Metallic Peepers’
Add a little metallic shine onto your eyelids for your big day, a trend that will never fade. As brides usually love the soft gold smokey eye but this time try bronze or grey foil look just in the centre, not only will this be bang on trend but can do wonders for your eye shape depending where you place the metallic shade.

Finally ‘Innocent Vamp’
While Bridal makeup is always minimal and natural, you are in for a treat this year as the bridal runway has introduced a more high fashion bold look that we would normally see on a catwalk show.
A burgundy to deep red lip is going to be a hit for you brides if you are more daring this season, give yourself a popping lip and a look to remember or try the opposite and go heavy on the eyes. Stick to your warm toned shadows for this look and blend it all around the eye.

Throughout this Spring and Summer these key trends will be bang on and can be lightly put into your wedding day make-up without each trend looking so extreme.
Each of my brides each season will get to see my ‘Bridal Bible’ book when they see me on their trials. This book will show each trend and you brides to be can decide if you want to incorporate these trends in your Bridal look.
I feel that this seasonal project of mine will show you how dedicated I am to helping brides to be like you look and feel your ultimate best on your big day.

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