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Perfect Your Nearly There Foundation Into The Correct Shade

A very interesting - need to know tip that many people question when the season changes, weather brightens up and out skin tone slightly changes.
And were left with half a bottle of foundation either too light or too dark…

My answer - Colour adjusting drops!

Yes they really are out there. You can actually keep using your normal foundation when you get a glowing summer tan or when winter comes around and we lose that sun kissed colour leaving us a bit more paler.

To darken your current foundations;
Nars Laguna Bronzing Liquid

My holy grail product when Ive been on holiday! I just add 1-2 pumps of this lightweight liquid bronzer and mix into my foundation.
It evenly glides onto the skin and adds a beautiful glow to the skin with its hidden highlight within the bronzer, that really perks up your sun kissed tan - theres no need for powders!
This is also great for those who love bronzing powders but want to avoid the powdery finish.

To Lighten you current foundations;
Body Shop Lightening Drops

Its the perfect porcelain to lighten your foundation base until you have the perfect blend to match your skin tone.
Although a disclaimer for this, it has no cool/warm undertone, it is basic neutral which makes it perfect for many skin tones, so make sure you are buying the correct foundation with your suited undertone to add 'life' into your skin.
You can always add a brush on bronzer over the top if you need to warm your skin up a bit.
Winter skin shouldn't make us look dead. Add a lovely cream highlighter to make your skin look more healthy rather than setting powders that can flatten any radiance in the skin.
It can also add a little bit more coverage to your original foundation as it is  quite a thick formula but it doesn't make your skin feel heavy.
Simple, easy and adjustable!
No need to buy 3 foundations a year! But be aware that seasonal change can effect the way your skin reacts to products and textures which is why it is important to switch up your seasonal makeup bags - Download my Summer Makeup Guide.

Have a FAB Summer!
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