Wednesday, 9 May 2018

GUEST: LV Spray Tanning Q&A

The time of year that we all die for that killer bronze goddess glowing skin!
We either spend hours lying on a sunbed on our jollies, or layering on as much fake tan until were patchy and orange? Yes?

Well we have a exclusive guest blogger - LV Spray Tanning
The SDiaries Members have put together 10 Questions that we want answering about all things self tanning.
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No more pale skin this year…
Claire is here to answer your requested tanning questions;

1 - What tanning preparation should I be doing?Firstly, exfoliate! This is key to getting the best results from a fake tan as it provides an even, fresh base which will also help your tan last longer. Moisturise your skin everyday leading up to tanning as this will ensure your skin is in tip top condition for your tan. 

2 - How can I make my spray tan last it’s longest?Good preparation firstly, then maintain your tan by applying a non oil moisturiser everyday and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. After 5/7 days you should also do a gentle exfoliation to help slough away the top layers of dead skin this won’t remove your tan, it will just help it to fade naturally. 

3 - I'm really pale, would a spray tan be too much for me?Not at all! I stock many reputable tan brands. So I find a solution that suits each skin tone perfectly; from deep tans to a healthy glow. 

4- Can a disabled person be spray tanned? Of course! I work with each client individually and cater to all needs. 

5 - What are your top tips on a streak free application? For self tan applications I recommend applying a light oil free moisturiser on dry areas like ankles, knees, elbows and hands prior to applying any tan. Then using a tanning Mitt, apply your chosen tan in circular movements, feathering the excess over your hands and feet. 

6 - What tan would you recommend for a sun kissed colour, avoiding the orange look?It depends on the persons skin tone, but you could start off using a daily gradual tanner and build up to your desired colour, Bondi Sands Liquid Gold is a great choice- this can also be used to maintain and extend a Bondi Sands spray tan! SkinnyTan also do a daily gradual tanner, which is a lovely olive tone tan. Fake Bake now offer ‘Fake Bake Fair’ as their version. 

7 - How can I get the tan stain off my hands? Always wear gloves when tanning, even under a tanning Mitt. Bondi Sands now sell a tan remover that should also do the trick for any mis-haps! 

8 - Does sweat from exercising effect how the tan lasts? Only if the gym wear clothing is tight and rubs against the skin, this will rub off fake tan from the sweat and friction. 

9 - Should I still be using sun protection when having fake tan? Yes! Fake tan provides no sun protection so it’s important to still wear your sunscreen. 

10 - Will deodorant effect the tanning process? Yes! Your underarms will turn a lovely shade of green if any deodorant is lingering on the area prior to a spray tan. It usually only affects the colour guide but some deodorants are stronger than others. 

Thankyou Claire!
Our tanning goddess has answered your questions and is ready to Spray Tan you if you want that Sunkissed Summer Bronze Glow!

COMING SOON - Makeup Applications for Spray Tanned Skin!
Im afraid your makeup routine may change slightly when you have a spray tan, so Im putting together an exclusive blog to help you apply and achieve the perfect matching sunkissed skin with your beautiful spray tans!

Contact Claire to book your Spray Tan 

Love Sophie xx


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